MC Galaxy says he used to dance at burials and in market


The musician in an interview published by Punch on Saturday June 15, 2019, said he prefers music to comedy because it is more lucrative. He added that he has been doing the Sekem dance before he produced the song.

He said, “I used to be a comedian and a dancer; I used to dance everywhere, at burials, and even in the market. I have been doing the ‘Sekem’ dance at comedy clubs before I produced the song”.

Explaining why he gave Tspize, the producer of his first hit song, a car, MC Galaxy said the music producer deserves it, adding that he did not share the news of his gesture to trend on social media.

MC Galaxy explains why he prefers music to comedy. [Instagram/MCGalaxy]

“The producer of the song is very understanding and patient; that was why I gave him a car recently. In a bid to surprise him, I tricked him to meet me somewhere giving the impression that I wanted to give him some money; but I dazzled him with a car gift instead.

“I can remember how I met him at the club and told him I would like him to produce my song. He is very humble, he gave me his contact details and that was how we met and started five years ago. He told me to come with N50,000 but I was only able to raise N40,000. I explained to him that was all I had on me.

After I gave him the car, he told me that he could remember when I told him I was going to buy him a car, the day we were producing the song. Contrary to what some people are saying, I didn’t share the news to trend. Tspize was even the first person to post a picture of the car on his page.”

MC Galaxy also has some words of advice for up and coming artistes. The singer urged young musicians to be loyal to their helpers and also advised them not to other people’s opinions against their helpers.

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