Maximum Success University – Review


Maximum Success University is a membership site designed to teach people everything they need to know in order to build a successful online internet business. It is due for launch on April 8th 2011 and it is designed and created by Paul Barrs. Paul is a successful internet marketer from Queensland, Australia who has been in and around internet marketing for the past ten years. The pricing structure for this course is still not been disclosed, however first signs suggest that it may be around the $40 per month mark. 

Within the Maximum Success University membership site there are 3 levels or categories and they are as follows

1. University graduate diploma

This is the basic level of the program and teaches people the fundamentals such as getting into the right mindset, following a structure, building the core foundations for your business, techniques of getting things done etc. 

2. Graduate degree

This is where you really learn all the essential elements. On this level you will get access to something called the eBusiness Mastery Volumes This is a training suite that tells you everything you need to know about how to build your business online. The training suite will evolve as new techniques and information comes in, and Paul gives you loads of free tolls that you can use to propel your business forwards, just so long as you stay a member. 

3. Master class

This is the third and final level of the university and this is his personal “one on one” teaching that Paul holds annually, it is by invitation only and has limited places. 

The internet marketing business is definitely changing and it seems that there is a big surge in people wanting to add real value to their customers and not just to sell them a dead end product, that will never work. Maximum Success University is a case in point. This is most definitely the way for people to learn in this business and it seems that you get a plethora of information as well as free tools that will help you build your internet marketing business. Yes it is a monthly payment, but in order to run a business successfully, I guess you have to learn your trade first, right?

On the whole Maximum Success University is a great example of a product or service that a buyer or newbie can really benefit from and it seems that there is quite a lot of interest surrounding the launch date. I for one will be watching this space very closely.


Source by Dane Tanodra

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