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Mattéo guendouzi became a revelation in Premier League after a few games for Arsenal This season, here are five things to know about the energetic midfielder.

Here are five things you need to know about Matteo Gendouzi

1. Gyundouzi – 19 year old

Born in Poissy, France, on April 14, 1999, Mattéo Guendouzi Olié 19 years.

Matteo gendouzi

Guendouzi makes a name for himself in Arsenal (Arsenal)

2. Previous clubs Guendouzi

Before moving to Arsenal, Gyundouzi began his career as a youth director French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain from 2005 to 2014.

Gendouzi passed to the youth of Lorient, established in 2014 from PSG, and was promoted to the team of Lorient B in 2015.

He made his debut for the first team in Ligue 1 in 2015, as they were assigned to the second division.

Matteo gendouzi

Gundhousie moved to Arsenal from Lorient (Football 365)

He played more with Lorient in the second season, where he caught sight of Arsenal's scouts.

3. National team

Gundouzi was born in France, but his parents were of African heritage, Moroccan indigenes.

He represented France at various youth levels, but in 2018 FIFA World Cup in RussiaGundouzi, how Hervé Renard approached the head coach Satin lions Morocco.

Matteo gendouzi

It was reported that Gendouzi was offered a place in the Moroccan team to participate in the tournament, since he has the right to play for them without speaking for the French team, but he refused.

Matteo gendouzi

Gundhousie has the right to play for France and Algeria (ESPN)

4. Style of play

Back in the formative years, as a professional football player, Gundhousie was compared to Barcelona Lynchping. Sergio Busquets and the midfielder of Paris Saint-Germain Adrien Rabiot,

The wind midfielder is more advanced than Gundouzi, but there are certain similarities in their style of play.

Gunduzi, like Busquets, showed that he has a tactical discipline to act as an autonomous axis in the center of the field.

Matteo gendouzi

Gounodouzi teamed up with Sergio Busquets (Morocco)

His mind with this ball means that he is careful in possession and has demonstrated his maturity. in the pre-season "Arsenal" and opening campaign games.

5. Gyundouzi Awards

Guendouzi has not yet won a single individual award, both internationally and for his previous club battles.

Another 19-year-old he has his career ahead and has the potential to become one of Europe's leading midfielders in the coming years.

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