Maka finds love in Lagos, Deena Ade has the world on her phone – Music

Despite An unpleasant experience with Fulani herdsmen, the spotlight is on the Mac after the second intimate session "After the Dark."

The concert is a good response to the concern about attracting enough attention from the fans, but how many so-called SoundCloud did the artists notice this deception?

On Friday, July 27, 2018, she is hanging with boiling fans in Backyard, Victoria Island To remind them why they need to constantly pay attention.

Maka finds love in Lagos, and Dina Ade has a world on her phone

Maca became known to a wide audience. They are exotic, and they like to swallow the brew.

(Gbenjo Abimbola)

This is her second time, having held this event, is an improvement from the first, in which Chok singer Ruby Gyang, On Art Gallery 16/16 where Giang spoke on May 29, Phlow also came with insane streams.

Along with the Maca, they make for a pack of women artists who spit in the middle. And fans also love them, but how many?

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The second edition of "After Dark" Macy may possibly give an estimate in terms of degree. Maca must have been based on the impulse of her first intimate session.

Maka finds love in Lagos, and Dina Ade has a world on her phone

Kwitee is a versatile instrumentalist and a monster with a trumpet. He supports "Makee: after darkness II".

(Gbenjo Abimbola)

Getting sponsor support World Cup 2018 Perhaps, he pulled out a crowd visible in the hall in the backyard. I believe that most of the marketing campaign was to ensure that there was a big turnout. All that needs to be done by Makee is to hit the fans.

Work is done! Along with alternative singers Oduntsi, Tetta and others, it was an evening spent for music lovers who would be hoping to lay out a word with their positive ratings of the evening with Maka.

Deena Ade's hands are dirty

Dina Ade gives her voice on issues relating to women in her society, but she has not lost touch with the main goal – to share her love for good through music.

Like Mac, on Sunday, August 5, 2018, she takes the followers of her music to the Slay Lounge.

Maka finds love in Lagos, and Dina Ade has a world on her phone

Dina Ada is now alive in her music. She accepts the fans in an intimate meeting at the Slay Lounge, Lekki.

In the evening, she discovered songs about her recent project, EP, which she called "Screams of my subconscious."


For Diana Ada, it's not so bad that the artist sounds SoundCloud. In addition to the excitement associated with mainstream music, because of the greater number of subsequent, classified alternative music still enjoys the possibility of equal access.

"SoundCloud is the only platform that has allowed me to share my music with anyone other than my family, she showed me during the episode of Pulse TV "One on one",

However, it is making efforts to reach a wider audience.

"With my last two singles, I'm engaged in the development of SoundCloud and focusing on ground radio.

"To people outside of a certain circle heard my music … and it works.

"So I think that as soon as we protect the radio and the name is more familiar, we can then click on the visual part that will be the TV and maybe eventually the physical copies of the CDs, but we are at a certain point in time , when CDs fail,

"Therefore, I again need to return to the original route and concentrate on the Internet, because, fortunately for alternative artists, we have the whole world on our phones, Deena Ade noted that she was giving me a lecture about her future plans.

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Now it depends on marketing strategies – how an artist with limited resources is able to attract and interact with the audience, despite the scant starter package that excludes the kindness of critics who are honest in their request for more ideas from these artists.

It looks like Deena Ade is ready to speak. She has energy and good intentions – like her show.

The Brymo model has a model, and everyone uses it

There is an animation of alternative sounds that encourage the intimacy between listeners and their inner spirit. Brymo brings the audience closer to independent performances, such as "Oso Intimate Session".

Back in June, he the unbeatable victory of "Super Eagles" at the World Championship in Russia.

Maka finds love in Lagos, and Dina Ade has a world on her phone

Braimo gave his fans the usual depth and soul, visible in his songs.

(Photo: Benson Ibeabuchi)

Brymo seems to have a strategy based on customer satisfaction, and he's a professional at it. Perhaps this is the reason why he can attract a certain audience – one with exotic music, and they also have money.

The singer, who claims that he invented alternative music in Nigeria, really has a semblance of monarchy. One with an understanding of how everything works, and how to nurture the next, which usually would not attract attention.

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Maka finds love in Lagos, and Dina Ade has a world on her phone

Brymo is busy most of the time with new work.

Interesting dramatization Kudus Onkeku helps him to convey his message in a new single called "Cheers".

(Click here)

He never takes his foot off the pedal. Brimo takes his charm up to United Kingdom on Saturday, 29 September in «BRYMO Live in London» concert.

And on the leading front, he continues "Organized chaos of Brimo" supported by Digital Ringier Marketing (RDM) and LooseTalk podcast,

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