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Friday, October 5th was an unusual night, and not that it had anything to do with the many stars gathered in the sky, but someone who was at Hardrock, on Victoria Lagos, became the venue for a U-Live concert. Africa for the American group, Major LaserA visit to Lagos could have meant that it was a special night, one of which was indeed witnessed, and one of them left indelible memories.

During his career, the American band EDM Major Lazer, consisting of DJs / producers Diplo, Gillioner and Walshi Fire succeeded in carving their own way through infusion and crumpling different genres from reggae, electronics, dance music, dance hall, pop music and recently Afrobeats, who never shy away from experimenting and creating an incredibly and sometimes eccentric ball of musical ecstasy,


Walshy Fire Major Lazer throws gift items into the crowd (Pulse)


Members of the crowd dancing at the concert Major Lazer (Pulse)

The crowd was on an omnipotent night high, with music providing the adequate libation needed to start the party.

Lazer Live Core Sound System trio was organized OAP Do2dtun, Bollylomo and Nenny B.

The opening night was a fiery composition of speeches from some of the best DJs, both domestically and internationally. DJ Consequence, Crowd kontroller, Smallzjoining others like DJ aye, cup structure, Sensei LO and Issuimo for all hell to hit the stage with exciting mixes.


DJ Consequence on the deck (Pulse)


Korede Bello and one of the dancers at the concert Major Lazer (Pulse)


DJ Cuppy and Falz join the crowd at the event (Pulse)

Sultan Sonic and Corede Bello were on the ground to draw the attention of young people to the importance of peaceful participation in the upcoming elections, shortly before the main act of the night, Major Laser, took the stage.

Their live show was often described as a festival, and for more than one hour the dynamic trio unleashed the brutal atmosphere of fun.

The group gathered the crowd through an exchange of mixes with the audience, who sang and enthusiastically responded.

The music was sometimes interrupted by echoes from the fans, when Diplo and Walshi Ogni moved from one side of the stage to the other, cheering the crowd.


The crowd had a night to remember the concert Major Lazer (Pulse)


Diplo commands the crowd at the event (Pulse)

Major Laser showed a determined zeal to leave an impression with his mixes, synthesizers and infectious energy Scals go on stage at the point.

Another feature on the night was when they had a crowd jumping from left to right, in the same way as the performance of the famous Mexican wave, but this time with the legs, and it was a beauty to behold.

When the night came to an end, they waved the Nigerian flag and another flag, on which was the inscription: "Peace is a mission." “Saturday crept in and she spoke on the faces in the crowd; sweaty, tired, spent and with some trying to get back on their feet, but they went out for a night of fun, and the group fully achieved a great night.

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