Luis Suarez says Paul Pogba will be happy at Barcelona


Luis Suarez said that Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba will be happy if he moves with Premier League at La Liga giants Barcelona,

It is reported that Pogba had problems with Jose Mourinho in Manchester United, which has been preserved since last season.

The 25-year-old midfielder is considered one of the best in his position and over the summer transfer window, but remained on Old Trafford,


Pogba was criticized for surrendering to the pair performances at Manchester United (Simon Stackpool Offside)

After his exploits with France on FIFA World Cup 2018 in which he played a crucial role, Suarez said that Pogba would be suitable for Barcelona.

There were reports that Pogba was not used in his optimal ability in Jersey Manchester United, who saw how he produced inconsistent performances in most of his appearances.

Suarez, however, may have finally found the antidote to correct to make Pogba a world beater in his position.


Paul Pogba was part of the French team that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup (Getty Images)

in the report RAC1 Suarez praised the qualities of Pogba and said that after winning the World Club he could get more chances in the Champions League at the Camp Nou along with such star players as as Lionel Messi,

He said, "Pogba is an elite player who has won everything.

"He has a lot of quality, and he is one of the links to United."

"I think he would like to participate in competitions more than now. He is not a player belonging to Bars, but he will always be happy.


According to reports, Paul Pogba had a split with Jose Mourinho (Getty Images)

Pogba, who joined Manchester United in 896 for £ 89 million, was associated with the move to Barcelona in the summer, but the proposal proposed in the report did not pass

Now, approaching his peak with a two-year contract, Pogba will make a decision at the end of the season, and the players in Barcelona constantly praise his qualities.

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