Loose Kaynon and AQs Crown vs Boogey and Paybacs Faceoff – Music

Loose Kaynon and AQ have succeeded in delivering a classic record across the star, which will bring out some of the best lyrics on the same court, so that Boogey and Paybac are filmed in 2016.

Friday, August 17, marked the first sentence out of LAMBAugust projects in crown, a joint album compiled by veterans-leading AQ and Loose Kaynon,

With 10 tracks, the project evoked interactive reactions from hip-hop fans who this year criticized it as one of the best works this year, with some (though prematurely) already celebrating its classics.

Loose and Q brought their growth to the development of the project, but one track that received a "hip-hop head" falling into the roof is an album called "track" "Crown",


Loose Kaynon and AQ came together for a collaborative Crown album (Twitter / ThisisAQ)

A track in which a heavy duet is presented Show Dem Camp"S ghost and detective it's a nightmare wack emcee.

From the introductory bars of the Ghost, A-Q in the hot knife following poems on the impudent delivery of Loose and Tec, who led the fire into an already burning house, crown This is a rap record plus more, and the rhythm provided by Reinhard harder than an evil mad judge.

While the A-Q career was rather polarized until his recent work, "Loose toes" skeletal paths, the SDC is gradually approaching their names being called the best rappers on stage.

The combination of these four heavyweights was supposed to give nothing more than a stellar result, and that was what we got.

The ghost opened the bandage with his steel voice, threatening to damage someone's mind when he rhymed,

"Look, when it comes to this rap game, most of these cats just act, from the very beginning I sing them out, call it casting."


Loose Kaynon and AQ are sandwiched between Loosetalk and Ayomide Tayo, Steve Dede and Osagie Alonge (Twitter / AOT2)

But while his attempt to steal the show quickly becomes second nature, AQ did not allow him to have it when he bypassed the branch, switching the flow and forcing us to travel, proving why he really is "the greatest."

"Mom always told me that I'm less explanatory, sorry, Mom, I'm not trying to miss a moment like Kobe … Listen to the sound effects, we control the sound waves, bar for the bar-homo, this bar is to evaluate. «»

Loose and Tec refused to limit themselves to shadows, as they also brought their record pen in record. "Crown" this is a fantasy of hip-hop, one that we have never seen, and the end result is a worthy material of rap legends.

Boogey and Paybac go to war with Faceoff

Before "Crown" although, there was a rap one Faceoff Bugi and Paibak. It is not enough to "Pos-Cut", but adequately go head to head with a thousand rappers.

Ironically, the track's album's title from the project, Boogey and Paybac, which have natural chemistry, working together on previous singles, and also have the same producer in Charlie X, has caused damage at levels that have not yet been fully detected.

& Quot; Faceoff & quot; is a single rap song in which the duo at this point did not have to prove that they could rap, but it was necessary to demonstrate their skills in the best possible way.


Boogey (Twitter / Boogey)

Everything that is written in this song depends on energy and flow, and if you can keep up with the pace of each rapper, you'll find that almost every line is a quote for your rap glory.

Boogie was in a fiery form, the type in which one of the other rappers arranged in the cockpit. Despite the rhyme at an intense pace, every word of it bears the right blow and is not mistaken in the surgical and crystal-clear aspect of its delivery.

"Changing the game Y'all just hit it. I practice, I shake hands, but you lick the human dong, for glory and good luck. You say that they made you want to be hot, you played with flame, and it burned you out, I chose one .. that they never gave a torch "

For Paibak, his light flow and insane play on words is an art he has mastered to perfection, which helps to bring the joints together to insane levels.


Paybac (Twitter / TalktoPaybac)

His verse makes you stop the song to take a breath when he meets the Boogey bar for a bar.

"I'm God, Homi, if you can not make me call Zeus, I'm on Olympus, I tell Venus to fall, Hit Medusa, like" girl, "what kind of language, already got a heart of stone and throne, welcome to the era , when niggaz download their own shit, and they lie about what they sold. "

Part at the end, when they started exchanging lines, is pure eargasm.

From a technical point of view, this song is one of the best rap songs ever from Nigeria, the sheer skill and ability to demonstrate a stay for two years after its release.

Thus, for all "Crown", & Quot; Faceoff & quot; at the time of its release gave rap incredible mileage of excellent music, unfortunately, they do not have a name, M.I. Abaga Executive, producing his project to give him much needed advertising.

As for the rap, crown excellent, Faceoff incredible. Both songs leave you with goosebumps and a wonderful reminder that when Nigerian leaders step into the zone, there really is no competition on this side of the world.

If you need to choose what you will go to, "Crown" or & Quot; Faceoff & quot;?

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