Locksmith Business for Sale: Cons and Pros


There are positives and negatives when considering purchasing a locksmith business. They should be weighed carefully so the potential buyer is as well informed as possible.


Be Your Own Boss

For many people currently working for someone else, it can be a dream come true to become their own boss by buying a locksmith business. Being in charge of a business will allow the new business owner to feel a sense of confidence, power and success. He’ll be able to choose and hire his own employees and run the business his own way.

Earn Significant Income

Since the learning curve to become a locksmith is not that long, the person who buys an existing locksmith business can master his trade rather quickly and start to take on all types of locksmith installation and repair jobs. Moreover, having an established business that’s being bought means that there is already a large, existing customer base for guaranteed income.

Have A Business to Sell

If the locksmith business that’s bought continues to remain profitable, then the owner may someday down the road want to cash out of his investment by putting the business up for sale. The new owner can even make the business expand even more by acquiring more and more customers and steady accounts so that the sale price of the business can be as high as possible in any given economic market.


24 Hour Availability Required

Most locksmith businesses have to have a trained locksmith on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to successfully fulfill all the possible needs of customers who might get locked out of their house, business or car in the middle of the night. This aspect can be stressful to some people who’ve never had this responsibility to be ready at all hours before.

Purchasing Costs May be High

To buy an existing locksmith business that’s very successful may cost several hundred thousands of dollars. This can be much too high for many individuals who aspire to buy such an established business. They might not have enough of a down payment or they might not have a good enough credit history to obtain a business loan from a lending institution to be able to come up with all the money in the asking price. This factor alone can dash the dream of a potential buyer from being able to acquire the locksmith business.

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