Leadership Management Inc Franchise Review


Nowadays, one can find a number of opportunities to start a new business. Leadership Management Inc. is a company engaged in developing leadership skills to employees of their clients. The Leadership Management Inc. Franchise review here will help those who are interested in this field and learn more about this company.

Background: Leadership Management Inc. was founded by Paul Meyer in 1965. The prime goal of the company is to develop leadership skills in business employees. It started franchising in 1965 and has vast experience in this field. It has developed different courses and programs that help people to achieve their professional goals. Leadership Management Inc. is a widespread organization and has worldwide franchises. It provides its courses and programs in 23 languages and they are marketed in around sixty countries. Its head office is in Texas. It has more than 200 franchises in United States and more than 300 franchises all over the world. It is ranked 136 by Franchise 500 while in low cost franchises; it stands on the rank 27.

Benefits of the Franchise: They are an experienced organization dealing in training of business employees and workers to develop leadership skills. It has developed several successful programs and courses to help people in developing their skills and achieving their professional goals. Becoming a Leadership Management Inc. franchise is very beneficial if you are in the management training/consultation field. Even if you are not in this business but have a strong desire to start a business and interest in the coaching and training field, you can run this business successfully. You can obatin many benefits as a Leadership Management Inc. franchisee. These benefits include:

· You can own your business and run it from your home.

· LMI gives world class training and support to all their Leadership Management Inc. franchises. It gives comprehensive training at its headquarters for two days. You can have access to two days training at your site. Besides that training is also provided by teleconferences.

· LMI offers ongoing support to all its franchises through newsletters, meetings, internet, and toll free phone lines.

· As a franchise owner, you are associated with successful professionals who have vast experience.

· LMI provides its proven programs, systems and assessments to run your business efficiently and effectively. Its defined processes help in measuring results and your success.

· It is a home based business and you can start it with low investments.

With these advantages, you can build your business foundation and enjoy helping people to build their future too.

Investments for the franchise: The franchise fee is $30,000 for Leadership Management Inc. franchise. The ongoing royalty fee is 6%. Total investment ranges from $35,000 to $42,500. The term of agreement is for ten years and is renewable.

Leadership Management Inc. is an experienced company providing executive and management training and development programs. It is widespread company having its franchises in more than sixty countries. It provides complete training and ongoing support to start your new business with Leadership Management Inc. franchise. Its proven programs and courses help you to grow your business with remarkable results to your customers.


Source by Joshua Valentine

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