Kogi internal revenue service denies diversion of N3bn

The state's internal revenue services Kogi (KGIRS) on Monday exposed online media reports that the organization had rejected N3 billion intended for transfer to the state government's treasury, describing it as unreasonable, malicious and politically motivated.

The head of the department and human resources of the service, Ms. Azanat Salihu, speaking on behalf of the organization, said that the monthly IGR staff never exceeded N1billion and wondered how the head of the agency or someone might dismiss N3billion as alleged.

She stated that this statement was politically motivated and was aimed at distracting and clouding the image of the chairman of the agency Yakubu Oseni, who just stated his interest in challenging the central Senate elections in Kogi in 2019.

"Our task in this organization is to collect and compare the state's revenues through banks. We manage non-cash policy. The chairman of the agency, accused of issuing a directive for the said money leak, did not even sign an account.

"The money paid to these accounts is sent by electronic transaction before it reaches the government account. Only government agencies sign accounts.

"What is credited to this organization is only 10 percent of what we can collect each month, and this is used to pay staff salaries and handle other overhead costs.

"This organization is noble, and the chairman is transparent in the core. The government did not say that there is not a single billion dollars, not to mention his search. We wondered how and where people are now getting a fake story, "she said.

Ms. Salihu, who also denied that the Commission on Economic and Financial Crimes, the EFCC investigates the organization about alleged "missing money," said the news was false and alarming.

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