Jaywon says he is seeking companionship, not marriage

Without the marriage tag in a relationship, the singer thinks there is an opportunity for partners to sustain their connection.

According to Jaywon in an interview with Punch News today, the consciousness associated with knowing that one is eternally bound to another often gives room for disputes that may be hard to control.

“One of the things I look for when it comes to having a relationship is happiness and being able to manage each other (me and my partner).

“I don’t think I need marriage; all I need is a best friend that we can just be together and understand each other for the rest of our lives, have kids and build an empire together.

“I feel that when the word marriage comes into the picture, that is when the problem starts. Everybody starts to feel like they have a right and all that.

“We can just be best friends and be together forever; it is more important than calling it marriage. If it is a partnership, then let it be so, if we can pray, make money and have children together. I don’t need any other thing.”

Searching for the right partner

Being single is obviously not an intentional status says Jaywon who confirmed that he has not tied the knot because of the absence of a worthy partner.

The existence of genuine affection in a relationship is an important element that must not be ignored.

It can be a catalyst for a peaceful co-existence. In his song ‘Saro’, released in June 2018, Jaywon describes a heartbroken lover who was abandoned by a female partner that left him for another.

In the chat with Punch, he shared that the track was a depiction of a true life situation.

“If I can have all that, I am okay; marriage has destroyed a lot of people. I am not married yet because I have yet to find the right woman. 

“I feel if there is no love, we cannot progress. Even in a company, if there is no love, the company won’t grow. I have been heartbroken many times in the past; ‘Saro’ my song, is a true life story.”

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