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Jamila is the Nigerian singer-songwriter Hausa, who recorded his first single “Hey Boy” in 2004 and since then continues to record with various artists around the world, honing the art of songwriting.

Although she is best known for her Afrobeat hybrids, her first EP will be released in early 2019. Her music is a mixture of several genres, ranging from RnB with neo-soul overtones to high life and Afropop.

Singers such as Asa, Alicia Keys, Emily Sande, Laurin Hill and Ed Scheeren greatly influence her sound.

Her upcoming EP has greatly influenced her diverse travel experience, African roots and her love for the blues. The singer describes her music as a tapestry of events, each of which is intertwined to form one long “human” story.

Her latest single, Kai Ne Nawa, is a love song that translates as “You Are Mine” in her native language, Hausa.

She currently spends time between the United States and Nigeria.

“I spent my life with many different people around the world, and although they can speak different languages ​​and have different customs, everywhere I go, people always understand one common language, music,” – Jamila.

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