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The son of Pete Edochia, Yul Edoci is not going to fill his father's shoes in the Nigerian film industry.

Yul, one of the veteran's sons, made it known in a chat with Punch.

Yul said:It's not my plan to put on my father's shoes; I just decided to play my part in the society."

Continuing, the actor first politician stressed that he does not feel any pressure to surpass his father's achievements.

Yul Edokhii wins gubernatorial elections for Anambra 2017

Yul Edokhii wins gubernatorial elections for Anambra 2017

(Instagram / Yul Edochie)

"I have no pressure to exceed my father's achievements in the film industry. I'm here myself. I've always loved to play and imitate people. At a very early age it was obvious that I, too, would become an actor. I was named after an actor named Yul Brynner. However, I do not feel any pressure to surpass my father," he said.


Yul Edokhii Launches Film Academy

Yul Edoci presented his Film Academy, Academy of Yule Edokhii, to the world in 2016.

The actor launched his Academy, which is a subsidiary company World of Arts Yul EdokhiCreated in 2015 by film director Yul, the Academy is a training ground for actors and actresses.

The director's dream is to build an army of conscientious, purposeful and professional actors and actresses whom he can instruct and control greatness.

This dream was brought up as a result of the decline in the quality and professionalism of the upcoming Nigerian actors and actresses.

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