Investors stake on Ghana's appetite for dairy products – Finance


Ranchists from the United States are preparing to produce 4,400 head of cattle for the dairy market in Ghana due to their expressed interest.

Investors from local and international markets are eagerly awaiting the creation of a commercially productive domestic herd in a West African country.

According to the report of the Global Information Network on Agriculture (GAIN), the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana (MOFA) adopted the US Department of Agriculture's certificate of veterinary health for the export of cattle from the United States to Ghana in June 2018.

Local media say that the chief veterinarian of the Mofa, Dr. Kingsley Mickey Aryeh, confirmed that this process is currently at the proposal stage

This bilateral protocol opens the way for suppliers and investors who are eager to develop the domestic livestock and dairy industry in Ghana.

In 2017, Ghana imported about 90 million dollars. The United States in dairy and dairy products, of which the United States occupied 1.5% of the market.

Most of the imports from the European Union (EU), the largest supplier with a market share of 67% in 2017, consisted of Ultra High-Temperature (UHT) pasteurized milk.

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