In Muri emirate, white is the royal colour

In Muri Emirate Council in Taraba State, the emir is highly revered and white dresses are worn with caution as it a preserve of royalty.

White is the traditional colour of attires worn by the Emir of Muri, Alhaji Abbas Jidda Tafida during Eid celebrations as well as most other occasions.

Like his forefathers, the Emir goes by the norms and traditional practice of the emirate by wearing white attires for all occasions he attends.

As such, white is the favorite and the choice of the Emir.

The Sarkin Dawakin Muri, Alhaji  Aminu Umar Mafindi, who explained the culture and traditions of emirs of Muri, particularly in respect to colour of attires the emir wears, said white is the favoured by past emirs of Muri from time immemorial. He, however, said the present emir really adores white attires.

In line with Muri Emirate which has long standing history and also in line with norms and practice of traditional institutions in Northern Nigeria, the Emirate has its unique way of doing its activities.

As practiced by most emirs in the emirate, white colour has been the choice of most of the emirs that ruled the emirate. He explained that it is difficult to say who, out of the emirs that ruled the emirate, introduced the use of white colour attires.

For instance, anybody living in Muri Emirate and attending ceremonies in the palace or during Eids will tell you that the Emir always appear in sparkling white gown and burnoose.

The Sarkin Dawaki further explained that except when in mourning when the Emir wears black attires it is all white for all other events.

White is a symbol of peace and accommodation and that is what the emirate represents and he symbolized that by wearing white attires in his public outing and during religious activities such as Eid prayers.

However, it is not that there is entirely no time the Emir appeared in other colours during ceremonies or events. Alhaji Mafindi said there were occasions the Emir appeared at events wearing Burnoose of either green or milk colour but his inner clothing are always white.

There were also occasions that the emir appeared in all white, the gown, the burnoose. The turban and even the shoes were all white.

In fact, white horses which are the choice of almost all the emirs in the North, is also highly valued by the emir of Muri.

On the whole, the choice of white colour is respected by all subjects of whom most members of the royal family preferred when it comes to selection of clothes.

The Emir of Muri always wear white turban whether inside his palace or in public, a practice the emir has been doing since he became Emir on July 13, 1988.

“Whatever is being done is that the emir going in line with culture and traditions that has been obtainable for a very long time,” the Sarkin Dawaki said.

The Secretary of Muri Emirate, Alhaji Saidu Usaman Gassol, told  News Royale the emir in most occasions when receiving top dignities in his palace wear white attires. The emir value white colour, the secretary stressed.

Alhaji Gassol said the practice of white colour dresses for the Emir of Muri was in such a way that nobody in the palace or domestic staff were allowed to wear white cloth.

“There is always a distinction on the type of attires the emir wear and the ones his subject or his councilors and staff wear, like the burnoose and its cap which only the emir wears,” Usman Gassol said. That is the strength of white colour attires in the emirate which is basically the royal apparel.

 Alhaji Abbas Jidda Tafida, Emir of Muri
Alhaji Abbas Jidda Tafida, Emir of Muri
 The emir in white coming out from inner of his palace to attend an eventduring Eid prayers in Jalingo
The emir in white coming out from inner of his palace to attend an eventduring Eid prayers in Jalingo


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