I will sue whoever used my song to campaign for Saraki -KWAM 1 – Music

Fuji music legend, K1 De Ultimate threatened to sue those who used his song to participate in the election of the President of the Senate, the presidential ambitions of Bukola Saraka.

singer made a threat in a statement to the press, published by his media manager, Kunle Rasheed on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

"K1 said that he is already talking with his lawyers to seek redress in this regard, the statement said.

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By refusing the video, making the rounds that he supports the presidential ambitions of Saraka, K1 said that his loyalty belongs only to President Muhammad Bukhari until 2023.

"The only person he fights to become president in 2019 is none other than President Muhammad Bukhari. This he showed by telling the world where his devotion belongs in each case in recent times.


KWAM 1, at the airport


"K1 also repeatedly interviewed several media organizations that he is for Bukhari until 2023.

"K1 also uses this medium to make it clear that he will never approve someone who acted as a betrayal of his party from the time he took over this position until he left the party for the opposition, Rashid said in a statement.

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I'm disappointed in Saraki – K1 de Ultimate

K1 Once again, he expressed disappointment in the president of the Senate, saying that he allows such a deception to tend on social networks.

He said, "I will liken this art, I am very disappointed that someone like the president of the senate can be involved in such fraud, because it is obvious that the only person I'm rooting for to become president in 2019 is not who, like President Mohammad Bukhari,

"The only time I met with the president of the Senate was at the wedding ceremony of the son of Mohammed Mustafa in Ilorin in 2015.

"Thus, he has no right to distribute any song without his approval, so this is fraud.

"I remain a strong party member, and the only person I support to become president in 2019 is Muhammad Bukhari".

K1 has always been one of several musicians who do not hide their political predilections.

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