I will attract investors to Rivers, distribute wealth to grassroots, says Tonye Cole

The oil and gas tycoon, Tony Dele Cole, says he will use his business contacts to attract local and international investment in Rivers State if he is elected governor of the state in 2019 polls.

He also promised that wealth would be distributed to the grassroots and rural poor when he became governor of the state.

One of the founders of the Sahara Group, who recently gave up his appointment to challenge the place of the governor of Rivers, told reporters in Abuja on Wednesday that one of the most important incentives he will provide to the investor is to provide their business by creating favorable business conditions.

Cole, who also submitted his candidacy for APC today, said he also intends to restore hope among the people of the rivers.

"First of all, we must make sure that people from rivers never lose hope, because they are a great nation and great people. The distribution of wealth among grassroots people is extremely important, and this is what I want to make sure that everyone in Rivers at the grassroots level, who were beggars who were impoverished, who lack peace and security, took care. This is what they can get again, "he assured.

On investment, he said, from the industry's point of view, one of the things that investors look at is the quality of management that can attract them to business.

In addition, "for them, in addition to global investment, which we have the potential, we also need to be sure that their investments are safe and respectful of the rule of law. This is what I realized that I can guarantee what we want to achieve, "he said.

"I work at a global level. I travel a lot. I've worked with a lot of people, and people know me to do business with passion, and it's about personal relationships, "he said.

"We believe that we can attract investors, and we believe that we can provide investments in the state of rivers, the rule of law will be protected and they will be able to create jobs for the people of the state," he said.

As for security, he said: "Security is also a matter of relations, it must deal with people, because people who commit crime and create insecurity are people like you and me.

"One of the things that we are going to do is to fully interact with them so that they understand what the result is, because it affects them, not just their families, but affects their communities," he said.

He also expressed confidence that the APC would pursue the PDP from the state of the rivers. "Nigeria has long been a state of the PDP, and now it has changed, and change is a permanent thing," he said.

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