I make N180,000 monthly, says telephone charger

A middle-aged man Ibrahim Usman, who runs a phone charging device in Lafia, says that every month he monthly charges N180,000 monthly by phone using a generator and solar energy.

"I used the irregular electricity in Lafia to make N180,000 a month," Usman said on Saturday at the Nigeria Information Agency (NAN) in Lafia.

According to him, charging phones and other electrical accessories put food on his desk and money on his bank account.

"Although I'm not happy that there is an irregular power supply in Lafia, I can say that it was for me now."

"If the food was stable, I could not do N6,000, which I do, at least every other day. If you multiply it by 30 days, it is N180, 000 per month, "he said.

He told the NAN that he runs his solar energy business to increase his gasoline generator, which he spends 1,000 pounds a day on fuel.

Usman appreciated his clients, even when he advised young people not to always wait for the government jobs.

"Instead, young people can create something worthwhile for themselves. It's always good to have something that you can refuse, in the absence of jobs. "

"You can learn one or two skills so that you can survive and live on your own," he added.

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