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Kunle Afolayan it's unlikely to watch Nollywood movies – or poorly made films – and it has its reasons.

In an interview with TheCable, filmmaker and the actor frankly said that he almost does not watch Nollywood movies, because he enjoys watching films that will challenge him and change his orientation to certain things.

Afolayan made a statement, responding to a question about his taking on the badly subheadings shown in Nigeria.

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He said, "…In truth, I almost do not watch them, because I'm keen on watching movies that will challenge me and change my orientation to some things. My children watch them a lot, and it does not make them speak poorly English".


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Simi will play in the film Kunle Afolayan "Mokalik"

This will take the first steps in the actor's world after it Kunle AfolayanThe Mokalik.

The singer, who has successfully carved a niche for herself in the music world, is eager to explore her other talents, as she is tuned to her first Nollywood film.

Simi was sent along with other well-known industry names, such as Femi Adebayo, Ayo Adeanya, Feitia Williams, Latef Oladimeji, among other things, in the prolific producer, the new film by Kunle Afolayan Mokalik.

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