How Your Karmic Planets Will Affect Your Relationships in This Life


How karmic connections affect your relationships in your present life

There are no coincidences when you meet someone new in this life. Usually it is someone you know, or you have had connections from past lives. These connections are reincarnations from past lives to real lives.

Sometimes the relationships in your life are good, sometimes it's not. They are karmically controlled. Every action, every thought and every behavior is the result of your karmic planets. How do you feel, mood swings, anger, joy, happiness. love is controlled by your karmic planets. One day you will wake up, feel happy and in a very good mood. Another time you feel very low and low. The world is still the same. But these thoughts that you receive are connected with the influence of your mind on your karmic planets. Sometimes these people came into your lives to hurt or harm you, and sometimes to love and cherish. It all depends on your karmic connections.

How do you relate to other people in your life, how do other people relate to you in this life, and how your relationship succeeds or does not depend on your actions in past lives. These actions are called karma, and they manifest as karmic planets in this life. They are carried in this life as your karmic planets.

A prime example of how the planets affect you is the moon. When there is a full moon, it affects a lot of people. These people who are affected, have basically the moon as a harmful planet in their astrological charts. Similarly, when their relationship angle is weak due to harmful Venus, it affects their relationship. I believe that every person connected in past lives will somehow affect your life in this life. This can affect happiness or suicide. Sometimes this is a very difficult lesson to learn. If the karmic cycle is not completed in this life, you will have to go through the whole cycle again in the next life.

You can reduce the harmful effects of these karmic planets by minimizing the negative effects of these planets. This can be done with the help of karmic means. They can make a difference between success or failure in any relationship in your life. These funds are usually mantras or rituals, and they can transform any harmful effects of your karmic planets, so negative thoughts from you or negative actions of other people associated with you are minimized.


Source by Sheela Bharat Gandhi

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