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There is something about advertising; sometimes it is meant for enjoyment. In most cases, especially in this age of the Internet and viral trends, we don’t like fans to talk about these trends / ads, but we unconsciously push them.

We are the most important cogs in the PR machine, and this time we pushed the Wizkid cars to unprecedented heights, probably, as Wizkid and his team expected – that was commendable.

Over the past few days, Nigerian chatter in social networks has been flooded with divided opinions that Wizkid dropped music video for single, & # 39;Fever. " This video also strengthened "All Stew" trend to insane heights.

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Conversation topic

Tiva savage there was a Wiscid love interest in the video, auditioning with Starboy and their relationship & # 39; somehow rubs Nigerians in some way and makes them talk.

Will there be an age difference or what she is the only mother or that people feel that she should do better, nobody knows. The topic has been controversial since the beginning of the year.

He came to mind around Headies in may 2018 with Tiwa is calling her Vizkid,best friend"During her"Best Collabo"Reception speech for single",Ma lo& # 39; opposite the Vizkid.

Previously, before they drank rumors that something happened between them because of their behavior in social networks and the "romance" in public places.

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It's about advertising

But this time it's not about the relationship. Wizkid just reasonably assumes that the alleged “relationship” is a driver for securing the status of “Fever” as a definite stroke.

It worked – the Fever video reached a million views on YouTube in three days

There is nothing wrong with advertising, it's all about what you do with advertising, because advertising means attention.

In that sthe era of axial media where Twitter manages millions of conversations in milliseconds, the object of this advertisement or trend will definitely be visited by curious minds.

This is an advantage of the Internet. Wieskid won on this.

How did Wizkid?

There was a rise. Wizkid is the most famous pop act of Nigeria outside of Nigeria. He had a Billboard Hot No.1 song, One dance more than 10 weeks in the USA opposite drake and Quila Since then, this one is madness after another.

Like last year,Manya“On the contrary, he needed something to support him again during this run, like most of the actions.

So he dropped two new singles, & # 39;Master groove& # 39; as well as & # 39;fever& # 39; with different reactions.

To come in

In early 2017, according to rumors or fabrications, Nigerians got the wind, that Wizkid and the American singer, Justine Sky had a throw or some form of relationship, but reports remain unconfirmed.

Vizskid and Justin Sky

Vizskid and Justin Sky


Coincidentally, it seemed that Justine was experiencing communication problems at that time and published some mysterious messages on social networks and pitfalls about a certain person who probably broke her heart.

Thus, the Nigerians will be camped in their mentions on Twitter, hinting that it was Vizkid, but they both remained silent on the subject.

Justin Sky told about this with rumors Vizkid

Justin Sky told about this with rumors Vizkid

(Twitter / Bella Naija)

He got to the head when Justine slammed her back to these trolls, that the person she is talking about is not Vizkid.

However, the trolls still continued, as the Nigerians have a mind of their own. Honestly, it looked like there was something quieter between them.

Anytime the topic returns, it becomes a trend.

Justin sky dances before the fever

About three days before the music video for Fever fell, a video featuring Justin Sky, whining and waving a song with his friends, appeared on social networks.

Once again, it sent tongues wagging. What happened to Justine again with Viskid? Social media talked about Wizkid and Justin Sky in relation to Fever.

Coronation moment of the genius Vizkid and his team

Then BOOM! The fever dropped with Tiwa Savage – another topic of conversation related to Wizkid – as his love interest a few days later. Conversations began on social networks, and the video was clicked almost unaided.

It was not a failure of thought or a careless life from two adults, it was the last piece of the puzzle in the “Fever” narrative. It was a form of Vizkid advertising needed for this time.

This is the final moment in a well-designed, well-planned, skillfully calculated and well-organized advertising.

It looks like Vizkid will have a crazy moment during this end of the year. He raised energy around him.

His peers must understand. A year later, when romance was known, as with David's soul opening Chioma, it is them all.

Only a good album and a delay. And who knows, we could understand that nothing happens between Tiwa Savage and Vizkid.

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