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How to Succeed With Men – 4 Characteristics of Women That Can Get Any Man She Wants


If you ever want to learn how to succeed with men, you need to learn the basics of how people think, what they want and how they feel. You cannot just continue your own feelings and guess when a person wants.

Think of women you probably don't tolerate. You know, those that seem like they can get almost any person she wants. She is a woman who always has a boyfriend who somehow asks for her attention. You are probably curling your lips at the moment and rolling your eyes, but remember that she seems to be doing something right.

Learning how to succeed with men is not difficult. This is less about learning how to do it, and knowing what to do. Now we know that each person is different, and each woman, so the specifics will differ between situations. But I will tell you four general characteristics about a woman who led wild people. You may be surprised to learn that having a better body is not as important as these four features.

  • Women who know how to succeed with men take care of themselves physically and emotionally. So many products today teach you that you are just not skinny enough. Remember, these people want to make sales, so they feed on your emotions. Although it is important to maintain their health, men are not necessarily looking for some small body type, unless they think of something strictly physical. I'm sure you heard the guys tell you that their “type” should only know that they are meeting with someone outside their usual “type”. Men want a woman who shows that she will take care of herself. So, she is well-groomed, daily showers, brushing her teeth, you know, something like that. She also does not stop at every bad thing that happens to her in her life.
  • These types of women have a healthy level of self-confidence. Women who know how to succeed with men know that a woman who cares about herself and has a positive attitude is sexy. This type of woman knows that she has flaws because she is human. However, instead of coming to terms with these shortcomings, she flaunts them because it is she who is, even if she is currently working on her "shortcomings." Men naturally attract positive energy.
  • Men love a woman with a sense of humor. This means that you relax and become yourself. Do not overdo it and do not learn every joke in the book, but you should be open to laughing and enjoying your company. If you are worried about whether you like him or what he thinks about you at the moment, this will begin to manifest. Just enjoy the moment and show him that you can have fun talking.
  • Women who know how to succeed with men do too little. Men love the thrill of pursuit. This is exciting. There is always something to know. If you leave nothing for imagination, then there will be no other reason for which he wants to pursue. This may be a sensitive topic, but it is big. Women who tend to sleep with men too early end up losing in the long run. As soon as the guy gets you in bed too early, he may get up and tell you what you want to hear, but his motive becomes about sex. That is how they are connected. Learning how to succeed with men means getting ahead of their game.


Source by B Leadon