How to Succeed in the Network Marketing Industry


There are times in our lives when we seem to be searching for a new way forward. With the present economic climate more and more people are feeling the crunch and are looking to supplement their incomes or even replace it. If you are new to Network Marketing, or even if you have been around a while, these tips that I have put together may help you get a good foundation and avoid some costly mistakes. With over 20 years of business ownership experience I have learnt many things the hard way. If I can help you avoid these then I have achieved one of my goals.

Network Marketing is an extremely attractive industry, especially from the point of view that many people turned their lives around both financially and physically through their involvement in it. Advertising is an essential part of any business and because there are enormous costs involved for advertising, a lot of companies nowadays use networking or referral based marketing. It is very cost effective and more compelling when someone you know recommends something they have benefited from or enjoyed. That’s all network marketing is really, but when first introduced to it, most are skeptical because they heard that some people have lost large sums of money. How is this possible? How do people lose money through Network Marketing? I believe all or most of the following key points need to be in place for success. A lot of people get involved in the industry, fall in love with the concept but have not fully understood what is needed to carry them through to success. Not because they don’t have the skills or the desire, but because they are misinformed or the information given initially was incomplete.

  1. Network Marketing is selling. It may or may not involve ‘retailing’ depending on the company, but essentially you are selling something – an idea, a concept or a membership. So unless you feel you have, or can develop, some people skills, this industry just may not be for you.
  2. Network Marketing requires effort and is hard work. The concept is simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. You get nothing for nothing in this world, so without being prepared to put in a bit of time and some initial cost this type of opportunity will not work for you. Note there is a big difference between “spare” time and “part” time. If you want to do a Network Marketing business alongside whatever else you do, you will need to make time, as no one really has time spare. There will have to be sacrifice somewhere.
  3. Network Marketers need to have belief. If you don’t completely believe in your product or service you will not be able to properly influence anyone else to believe likewise.
  4. You would need to be coachable and a team player. – Network Marketing is very much about working together and as with all teams – the coach is there to help you have success, but unless you are prepared to take on board and apply the coaching, your success will be limited.
  5. Your “why” or reason for pursuing this industry needs to be compelling enough to make you want to continue even though it is hard and you may feel discouraged. However, your desire to reach your goal must be tempered, otherwise it will come across as greed or being pushy.
  6. Most importantly you need to have heart. Without an interest in helping others achieve success you will find it difficult to have people want to be on your team.

There are hundreds and thousands of Home Based businesses and Network Marketing opportunities available. It is important to do some research before getting involved in any one of them. Check out the company and ensure it is the best Network Marketing business for you and that the person enrolling you has the qualities above and that they will coach you and give you the necessary training.


Source by Elise Berenger

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