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How To Remove Mental Garbage So You Can Succeed In Business


Most of us have lots and lots of mental garbage and do not even know it.

Mental garbage includes unsuccessful ideas and thoughts that we have been fed since we were born. These thoughts and ideas are wrong. Dead wrong. But we’ve heard them over and over and we believe them.

Thoughts like:

1. If you work hard you will succeed.

This is complete and utter garbage.

Do you ever remember that “smart” kid in school who never studied and always got straight A’s? He didn’t work hard. Then there was that kid who studied all the time and only got B’s. Now, he worked hard. Working hard does not ensure success. It never has and it never will.

Before I got started using direct response marketing strategies- back when I was broke- I worked very, very hard! Much, much harder than I work now. I didn’t know what to do so I worked on a lot of things that didn’t get me any clients.

Now that I know about these powerful strategies, I don’t have to work hard.

I work smarter, not harder. Let me repeat that: I work smarter, not harder.

2. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll have plenty of clients.

Yeah right! This is bogus as well. I used to be just as good as I am now. But I had very little business. I didn’t know what to do to get repeat business or referrals or new clients. I was good but nobody beat a path to my door!

3. Your sales letters have to be “professional”.

This is ridiculous. You shouldn’t care what other businesses think; you should care about what your clients think. When I use ‘professional’ letters, I don’t get any new clients. most (if not all) “professional” sales letters are boring and thus, ineffective.

But when I use creative, down to earth, easy to understand language in our letters, I got tons of response.

Uneducated business owners laugh at our marketing. I really don’t care. I’m the one with the big fat bank account, not any of them!

To be successful you have to get rid of this mental garbage and pre-conceived notions. The only things those ideas are doing is keeping you from success!

Once you unload all your mental garbage and free up your mind from these progress hindering ideas and thoughts, you’ll be free to make as much money and create as much success as you want!


Source by Mark Colosi