How the survival of the strongest mentality determines success in life


Why do some people succeed and others do not? Is success connected with the brain, or does this trend arise through the events and experiences of our lives? Or is success combined with both?

I first became acquainted with the subject of success and survival of the fittest in the sociological class, where my lecturer drew two boxes on a blackboard, the first box was marked by A person, and the second box was marked by a B. She showed the man. As a person who, after an unsuccessful attempt, refused from trying again and gave up his life. While person B experienced so many life problems, and regardless of how many problems B person experienced, he or she will return and just continue to move. It was after this lecture that I constantly asked the question: why and what does this make us survive and succeed, regardless of the circumstances, while others throw at first sight any serious problem or difficulty? Many referred to this mentality as "Survival of the strongest."

Studying the origin and meaning of the popular phase: "survival of the fittest", we can begin to understand the concept and its relation to our own success in life. Many believe that this phase was attributed to Charles Darwin, who discussed the survival of the fittest as the main struggle for food to support growth. What we know is vital to our survival, but we know many people who sit in front of the TV all day, stuffing their mouths with potato chips. Thus, the abundance of food, shelter and material wealth does not determine our success in life, otherwise everyone who sat in front of the TV eating potato chips would be successful, and this is not so.

What matters most is the actual definition of the true phase innovator: Herbert Spencer.

According to Spencer, survival and success in life are their characteristics and habits of life, those who do not adapt well to changes in circumstances, events or events will disappear or, in other words, fail. Those that change their characteristics and habits to adapt and survive through changes in circumstances, events and events will rather progress than fail. When writing and reading numerous success stories, there is another factor that I should add to the survival equation of the fittest and most successful, and this is the ability to communicate with others. Almost every success story occurred as a result of the connection: Apple, Google, Oprah, Starbucks, Cisco, Adobe, and the list goes on and on.

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Source by Genyfer Spark

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