How Police Microfinance Bank evolved

Former police inspector Alhaji Aliyah I. Atta gave a new idea of ​​how NPF "Microfinance Bank" appeared.

Alh. Atta, speaking at the 25th anniversary gala party in a bank held in Lagos, remembering that he was the young and newly appointed head of Interpol (Nigeria) in 1972 in the famous Alagbon Square, Lagos.

He said that Nigeria was fortunate to be part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of Interpol in the world, where all Interpol officers met in Vienna in Austria. The Nigerian delegation was led by the late IGP, the main Sunday Adevusi, who headed the CID in Alagbon Close.

"Young officers from other countries also arrived in Vienna to celebrate the 50th anniversary. On the second day of the meeting, I was able to meet young officers from Malaysia, Kenya, Ghana and other countries from independent African countries. During a coffee break during the meeting, we met in a bar in the dining room and a Malaysian officer, and I mainly discussed the welfare of police officers in different countries.

"The Malaysian officer opened his bags for police officers in his country. In an effort to get more facts from him, I forced the Malaysians to talk more, and he showed how the police benefited from the police cooperative society in their country. When I returned to my hotel room, I presented a report on my discussions with the Malaysian and gave it to the leader of the Nigerian delegation, the head of the Sunday Adewusi, "he said.

He said: "Chief Adevusi submitted our report to the 2nd Indonesian Police Inspector at the end of Kam-Salem.

"Also enthusiastically accepting our findings, Kam Salem asked Adevusi to go to Malaysia to learn more about the welfare aspects of police officers in Malaysia.

"Upon his return to Nigeria, the head of Avevousi passed a detailed report to Kam-Salem, and his report was finally embodied in the formation of the Nigerian police cooperative society. This cooperative society is one of the most successful cooperative societies in the country today. "

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