How Does Marathon Running Help You Succeed In Business?

Some time ago I asked a question about LinkedIn answers: “How does a marathon work that helps you succeed in business?”. I expected some interesting answers.

I was amazed at the number and depth of responses. They covered such a wide and varied ground that I was amazed.

Stories and short stories provide amazing support.

If you have never thought about running a marathon, these stories will tell you why people do it and why they are passionate about it.

If you are a novice marathon or think that a marathon works like a hobby, these stories will tell you about some of the amazing successes that people have.

If you are an experienced marathon runner, these stories will remind you of all the wonderful reasons why you are doing this, and let me share with others.

The main topics that I learned

  • It's not about the marathon – it's all about marathon training.
  • Marathon runners are successful in life.
  • Marathon runners learn that nothing will stop them.
  • Marathon runners learn the value of managing their time and priorities.
  • Marathon runners learn not to give up.
  • Marathon runners will find out how important planning is for their success.
  • Marathon runners will find out how many months are required for one successful day.

When you read stories and comments, you realize how many people love the marathon.

That was the biggest problem for me with LinkedIn Answers. There are many excellent answers, and most of them included personal stories of the marathon. If I had saved them, I would have a very long document, and that would have made the LinkedIn response page redundant. Thus, I deleted all the marathon stories with one exception.

The original question and complete answers can be found at:

Dan sheil

This is what I consider a more successful employee.

1) Running allows you to work on problems with other parts of your brain.

2) Fitness. You are healthier not losing your job due to illness. Although it may not be fair or appropriate, you see that heavier people are trying to climb the corporate ladder.

3) Confidence. You run a marathon, you feel that everything can be within your reach.

Christian dalhausen

It increases your health and happiness. And training for a marathon requires more than training, as well as dedication and determination of conditions that apply to the workplace.


1) you look healthier and people see it

2) a decrease in blood sugar levels decreased, and this helped to be more attentive at meetings

3) Marathon is proof of patience and endurance. It helps you understand where your limitations are and how to blow them up.

4) I run in the morning. It helps me to be fully awake at meetings when I arrive.

Jeremiah A. B. Lokanas

The most important thing that I learned is to fumble myself. Do not push yourself faster than your body can accept things, but push yourself enough to continue moving further or faster (depending on your goal) …

Gregg Towsley

Running a business is a marathon. Some of the miles you have to sprint, and others you have to walk because of the cramps on your side. As a marathon, you always need to move in the right direction and never stop moving.

John kristensen

They helped me by understanding that it is not necessary where you are at the beginning of the race, but where you are at the end of the race that matters. In other words, a successful, sustainable business is not a sprint, but a long-term job. You must be willing to work hard, even if it seems that nothing is happening.

1. He taught me very goal oriented

2. He taught me perseverance

3. I learned about commitment and dedication

4. It gave me a level of fitness that I can use throughout my life, which is reflected in my work

Kirk Landmark

Initiation, focus, planning, sacrifice, pain, humility, small achievements and long-term success.

Rick Vilens

For me, it was the thrill and the impact that I received when, after several months of training, I saw how I develop, improve, and finally reach. The realization that after the marathon I began to trust my ability to plan, plan and stick to the plan even more. Exploring that, whatever the goal, how it can stretch, I can always take the next step. The study of the fact that after the discipline to adhere to the training schedule develops the habit and a higher standard appears.

Jj moore

I am a huge supporter of maintaining health in combination with a healthy diet, weight training and cardiovascular workouts. Implementing three in your daily life will increase your energy as well as your confidence. When your high level of energy meets you with your pure confidence, the result will be SUCCESS!

Jorge Pascuotto

Working with a tight schedule, creating self-motivation, eliminating frustration, balancing both possibilities: insufficient preparation for the risk of training in excess and exceeding the body limit, etc. … all this gave me key information about management and I could use them in business – medium

Once I stopped running for a few minutes, and the more I stayed, the more I stopped, I thought about giving up. I looked around and I saw people giving up everywhere, and people near me go slower and slower. But then I watched as a group of three people worked together, each of whom supports and motivates others. I watched them and then decided to go after them. I joined them and I started running again. Step by step, I returned to the race, and after 2 hours I crossed the finish line. What did I learn from this situation? Well, I could refuse … and stay with losers who were not ready to run and surrender for 21 km, or I could follow a group of winners who did not stop, who worked in the team and finished the line.

In my life, this was practical proof of how important it is to follow the steps of the winners and not join the losers in our lives.

Mark Somerville

Marathon works, helps me to continue through difficult business situations. The lessons I learned work in any situation I encounter.

Chris Micheck

1. Morning runs help me to be more attentive and focused throughout the day.

2. Increasing fitness means that I feel healthier and healthier – fewer headaches (and less serious), as well as a stronger immune system.

3. My campus president is working, so this is a good connection point.

4. Our institution set up a relay team for last year's Detroit Marathon. We won first place in the college and university division. It was a great "team building" in different divisions.

5. A great time to pray, contemplate, hash problems with work or compose a complex e-mail. All of which reduce stress levels outside of just that side of the workout equation.

6. A sense of accomplishment and the knowledge of going beyond the limits with the help of long runs and speeds improve mental strength and stability.

7. Most sports will bring similar results if they are pursued seriously, but there is something about solo performances that particularly improve some of the above.

I am my own obstacle, my own rival. I have every right to success or failure to fulfill my goals.

Russell Birk

The biggest lesson I learned is that quitting is not an option. I have had a tendency in the past to check when things at work become difficult or boring, but now I understand that, like training runs, some days are better than others. The road to success is simply hard work and determination to get everything done.

Luca De Stefanis

I would add a fundamental (both in business and in a marathon) element, that is, the definition: nothing comes for free, you need to pursue your goal, adhering to the plan, even if canceling a training session or delaying a difficult decision will seem the easiest way the result of running marathons, that is, self-awareness: you can do it, and you return this positive feeling to the office to face daily problems and career traps.

Gada Richani

1. Do not underestimate the power of mentors, coaches and friends. They can help smooth the path of your success.

2. Definition

3. Attitude. Keep a positive attitude, because a negative result will spoil the success

Emily Vandertsvart

I do not think that running a marathon is about the race itself; it is the training necessary to complete the race, which makes it relative to the business.

It's all about the commitment to learning, lifestyle, pain, and pain that come with weeks of training. Runners all have big days and scary days and days when we feel that we just spin our wheels, but we continue to train and strive to make ourselves better. Runners know that this is every time we go to a 40-minute run, work speed, or a long run that will help us get to the finish line.

Business professionals are the same; it is not one successful transaction that determines a career, but the ability of a professional to consistently carry out and improve the final result over time, which matters. Business training is carried out in the form of academic circles, continuing education or vocational training. This is necessary to achieve a long-term business goal.

Marathons help people understand that this is all about what they do every day, which will help them achieve their goals, one big day is not enough to carry someone along the finish line. It is the same in business!

David Dworkin

We ran side by side and toe to heel. Somewhere a man in front of me stumbled, causing me to go on a trip, as a result of which others went on a journey. I thought that if I fell, they would trample me. Without thinking, I grabbed the shoulder of the person next to him, and he grabbed me. Hand in hand with each other around each other grabbed the shoulder or elbow of the person next to them. Without saying a word, we pulled each other out and did not allow the person next to us to fall. None of us knew the other, but without words said that 10 to 15 of us helped each other not to fall. All elements were present, survival, strong consequences if we failed (fell) and a very cool sense of communication that surpasses words.

Flash forward to let go in the semiconductor telecommunications meltdown. I remembered this experience of people who helped people who did not even know each other, but were associated with common goals and objectives. I immediately joined the network and tried to help other people solve problems, find a job, hoping to find a job for myself. We all tried to feed our families and return to the full filling of vacancies.

Just as helping others not to fall and not be crushed, and also to have an incredible sense of accomplishment in a 26.2 mile race; life in business involves much more than just receiving and receiving. This includes providing, helping, and participating in problems that are deeper and more complex than just doing your own task. Execution is key. Staying power and commitment to completion, recognizing their limitations – all the elements of work that have parallels in the world of running and especially the marathon.

Kathleen Sky-Gambino

I would say that it really helps you to prioritize your time, because you need to invest so much personal training time, this is a huge commitment to training.

I believe that the more you have on your plate, the more successful you are in all the tasks of life, work and home.

Alex kent

The marathon works as it helps you lose weight, look younger and more attractive, but also gives a great statement about your resumes and website profiles … “I’m not afraid to work towards a longer-term goal. I am a hard and good person to hire. ”

Lisa hendrickson

I believe that having an inspirational physical goal always helps me meet my business goals. I am more focused and relaxed when I train in a marathon. I also need to better manage my time when I train, because it’s impossible for me to get miles and get a job in what I need to do if I'm not organized.

Training for a marathon gives me the opportunity for breakthrough thinking available to me on an ongoing basis. When I am on long lines, I end up solving my problems, even when I don’t really think about them. I have “Aha!” Moments, and they always provide me with solutions to problems.

I can imagine the future in the future, just as I guess the finish line. Running around, I realized that every great achievement begins with just one step.

Jeremy muratore

Proper planning, foresight, hard work, perseverance and a little luck should lead you to the finish line. How successful you are means something different for all of us.

You have good days and bad days, but you need to constantly monitor your goals.

Jeff cutzen

1) Dedication – you need to get up early and train often

2) Persistence / Definition – you need to overcome many obstacles that hinder you, including especially mental ones.

3) Targeting – you should have a goal in your mind (i.e. complete the marathon in x time) and work on that goal

4) Restraint – you need to know how and when to push yourself, both in the race and in training, so that you avoid injury, but still achieve your goal

Misty khan

The discipline necessary to learn the marathon is addictive. I found that when I trained, the schedule, healthy lifestyle, and mental discipline required to complete this course really helped to ensure discipline in other parts of my life, like work. I stayed on a strict schedule, which required me to use my time efficiently, and I always felt alert and excited because I seemed to be in such great shape.

I also met great people with whom I still keep in touch, and in some cases became business partners or partners. Any new place where you can meet people who are charged with this positive energy will be a great place to work on the network!

Marie mcmanus

I am very goal oriented and become a very good planner. I also understand that things are not going according to plan, but returning to the track is crucial. With all that goal definition, planning and change management are key strengths that I developed in the marathon training sessions. Hanging there, commitment and focus are the strengths I gained from running a marathon

Jay hamilton mouth

This puts everything in perspective. It becomes your mind, your body and your goal. It makes you constantly ask, “Why am I doing this?”. It helps you overcome your core beliefs; you look at the small picture (the next stage) and see how it brings you closer to the big picture (finish line).

Mika arnold

My preparation for the marathon gave me perseverance, endurance and endurance to get the required jobs. He not only taught me the power of setting goals, visualizing and destroying great accomplishments in small tasks, he taught me how to force out difficult times and how to make myself succeed in easier times.

Not to mention the clean health benefits, improved energy and life prospects …

My work time is my time to think and think about problems. Regardless of whether it is a business decision, marketing strategy, a specific MBA research or a personal matter, it is time to get away from the computer and the phone, which is invaluable for survival in our days.

It also provided me with a very useful quote for getting out of bed in the morning:

“If you are going to win the battle, you need to do one thing: you have to force the mind to control the body. Never let the body tell you what to do … the body never gets tired unless the mind is tired. " – General George Patton

Mike reynolds

I can say that training and participation in the marathon is very similar to capital planning.

That is, you need to be patient, realize that your resources are limited, conservatively conservative, know your core competencies and focus on your strategies.

It's all about prioritization. I live a busy life where family and career come before my training.

Mark McDonnell

The idea that starting a marathon is just a physical achievement is really a rudimentary look at the idea of ​​a marathon. In my experience, the launch of the marathon was by no means an act of starting the race itself, but rather four plus months of preparation, the culmination of which was one day at work.

People capable of running marathons are successful in business because they can take on long-term goals to achieve a larger goal. Они остаются успешными, потому что они могут применять то, что они узнали, в отношении управления временем и приверженности их деловой жизни.

Любой, кто руководил марафоном, может сказать вам, что после того, как они побежали через пресловутую «стену», на работе не осталось много работы, которая бы сравняла бы вызов. И, кроме всего прочего, они, как правило, здоровее, лучше справляются со стрессом и имеют позитивное отношение.

Джо Хелфрих

Это может показаться противоречивым, но вы не можете сделать марафон самостоятельно. Вам нужно поощрение, вам нужны конкуренты, вам нужны люди на водной станции, и, что самое важное, все это время впереди большого дня, вам нужно найти в себе силу воли, чтобы убрать прочь по цели, которая больше вас.

И затем в большой день да, это о том, чтобы приблизиться и узнать, из чего вы сделали. Для меня это очень похоже на бизнес. Люди, которые поглощаются «победой», которые не могут потерпеть неудачу и вернуться назад, и которые не видят большой картины и действуют соответственно, в конечном счете проигрывают. Жизнь и марафоны – это и долгие гонки – победители играют умнее, наслаждаются поездкой и находят способ сделать это.

Марк Черный

Я побежал 3 марафонами после получения спасения сердца и двойной пересадки легких в 2002 году. [ZT – This is the exception]

1) Марафонинг делает много замечательных вещей для меня в моей деловой жизни как мотивационный оратор и тренер.

2) Чувство долга – Существует ничего лучше для повышения вашей уверенности в себе, чем постановке цели, прилагает все усилия, и достижения того, что вы намеревались сделать

3) Решение проблем – интенсивное обучение марафону. Просто подгонка обучения к вашему дню – это вызов, не говоря уже о завершении всех длинных дистанций. Кроме того, нет ничего похожего на 3 часа работы, чтобы дать вам время подумать и работать через идеи.

4) Настойчивость. В марафоне и деловом мире вы сталкиваетесь с неудачами и неудачами. Чтобы в конечном итоге добиться успеха, мы должны научиться преодолевать эти вещи. Марафонинг помогает вам научиться этому.

Питер Джонсон

Картина на моем столе меня, пересекающая финишную черту, открыла многочисленные беседы почти со всеми, кого я встретил в команде проекта, к которой я присоединился. Я начал работать с коллегами за обедом, и многие стали хорошими друзьями. Я отмечал других, когда они проводили марафоны, и мы образовали прочные узы. Все это создает личные отношения, которые делают профессиональные отношения намного сильнее.

Дальний пробег позволяет мне развивать ритм, ритм, преданность, стремление и постепенное улучшение до такой степени, когда они становятся внутренне развитыми. Обучение является фундаментальной частью гонки. Исчерпание – это часть радости.

Когда я слишком занят, чтобы бежать, я знаю, что я не в балансе. Я теряю свою базу, и все становится сложнее.

Роджер Герцлер

Я обнаружил, что выполнение выполняет две основные задачи в моей жизни на постоянной основе:

1) Я склонен быть гораздо более ровным килем и менее напряженным (кто имеет энергию после пробега 10 миль?) И

2) Он тренирует мой ум, чтобы продолжать сталкиваться и бить несчастья, несмотря на усталость в моих ногах или других частях моего тела, которые говорят мне остановиться.

3) Забегая на большие расстояния, я очень оценил количество времени и усилий, которые необходимо предпринять для подготовки таких мероприятий. Это не просто. Это требует времени, планирования и, конечно, пота. Он научил меня, что это стоит того, чтобы продолжать.

4) «Свободное время», которое ваш ум часто получает, особенно на длинных трассах, может быть потрачено на то, чтобы выработать проблемы с работой и жизнью с большой ясностью.

Сьюзи Вишак

Я специально тренировался для марафона, чтобы взять на себя роль бегуна на большие расстояния вместо спринтера, который я видел как метафору для других областей моей жизни. Опыт был потрясающим, что мое тело могло пройти через это, а также, что я должен был посвятить время и усилия, чтобы завершить обучение.

Я действительно считаю, что этот опыт помог мне получить более широкий диапазон взглядов на мою работу и проекты, а не на краткосрочную перспективу.

Фредерик Ле Пейдж

Обучение марафону или любой дистанционной дисциплине требует дисциплины и мотивации. Это разум над материей. Очень важно в бизнесе. Это также позволяет вам иметь время для себя, время, в которое вы можете размышлять о своей работе или жизни в целом. В результате вы получаете умственные и физические преимущества обучения.

Ванина Мангано

Удивительно, когда вы обнаруживаете в себе способность обладать полной дисциплиной и приверженностью чему-то. Особенно, когда это «что-то» – это подвиг, который многие другие люди не могут выполнить легко. Как только это произойдет, вы осознаете, что можете удерживать этот тип власти и уровень успеха в других областях вашей жизни, включая вашу профессиональную жизнь, где необходима дисциплина.

Джейкоб Лунд Фискер

Техническая кривая обучения на дальних дистанциях очень мелкая. Проведя 2 минуты обучения, как запустить, задача для нетренированного человека должна быть достаточно последовательной в обучении, чтобы создать толерантность, чтобы выдержать боль в течение нескольких часов. For example. превращаясь из сидячего человека в обычного спортсмена.

[ZT – I strongly disagree with this Jacob’s 2 minute comment. A child learns to run. Marathon running includes: Form, Hills, Hydration, Avoiding injuries, clothing, handling distances, just to name few of the many technical aspects of the sport.]

Завершение марафона является доказательством этой последовательности.

Быть способным последовательно продвигаться в течение нескольких месяцев и лет, как правило, отделяет пшеницу от мякины в любом месте, так что это немедленная передача бизнеса.

Я часто предоставляю людям планы диеты и планы тренировок (это мое хобби), но факт остается фактом: хорошо выполненный посредственный план в любой момент побьет плохо выполненный великий план, а исполнение / мотивацию очень сложно передать людям.

Таким образом, люди, которые показали, что они могут выполнять последовательно, являются большим преимуществом. Думаю, вы могли бы назвать их «победителями».

Keri M. Zwerner, MA, LMFT

Запуск марафона не только помогает в бизнесе, но и во всех аспектах своей жизни. Несмотря на то, что ни один истинный спортсмен ни одним словом этого слова, каждый марафон представлял разные задачи на протяжении всего 26,2 миль [42km]- от физического до эмоционального до духовного до интеллектуального. Это испытание характера и решительности, а также воля. Это научило меня больше о себе, чем о любом другом успехе, который я приобрел в жизни.

Сюзанна Боуэн

Я помню вещи, которые люди говорят, например: «Не останавливайся, пожалуйста, нам нужно ваше время» или мой друг с синдромом Дауна во время его сложных заданий: «Вот мы идем лет!» Или исполнительный директор Pensacola YMCA: «Я посвящаю каждую милю другому человеку, который важен для меня и думает о них во время этой мили».

Как это помогает с успехом в бизнесе? «Мы» здоровее, можем лучше справляться со стрессом, иметь более энергичные и бдительные умы, любить висячие вместе и осознавать с каждым шагом, что действительно важно в жизни. Это не деньги.

Source by Zale Tabakman

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