Home Based Franchise Businesses


Potential franchise owners wishing to work from home are in luck! While starting your own home based franchise business does require an investment like any other franchise, the investment is much smaller. Franchisors have realized that virtually any business can be successfully run from a home office, and are offering franchisees the opportunity to own their own home based franchise business in numerous categories. Whether you want to be involved in financial services, entertainment, pet care, commercial cleaning, children’s services, or home improvement, you’re sure to find a company offering a franchise opportunity.

There are drawbacks to starting your own home based franchise business, however. You should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have a home office free of distractions where you can conduct business?

2. Is it legal? Check with your state and local government to find out which licenses and permits you may need to conduct business from your home.

3. How disciplined are you? Be sure to keep a time-management schedule to keep yourself on track. With the rest of your home and family nearby, it’s easy to get distracted from your work.

4. Do you have the equipment? You’ll a full home office to successfully run your franchise. Be sure to have the following: computer, printer, fax capabilities, phone, desk, comfortable chair, good lighting, and some type of filing system (i.e. a file cabinet).

5. Do you have the mind set? While franchises obviously follow a set of rules and regulations, and go through the same startup, franchise owners are required to be entrepreneurial, creative and dedicated. Creativity will be important in marketing, employee relations and other such encounters. You must be dedicated to being entrepreneurial, also. Meaning, you must allow for the good and the bad – and still stick with it. A home based franchise is no different than a brick and mortar franchise when it comes to dedication.

Most franchisors will spend a good deal of time training you to be efficient in your home business’ office. They will show you the ropes of setting up your workstation, making sales calls, obtaining clients, processing clients, and the general work flow of the business you have selected. Should your training not cover something, someone should be available for you to ask questions to at all times. Be sure to check on the franchisee support before investing in a company. To be a successful franchise owner, you must have the backing and support of your franchisor. When you find a franchise you are interested in, be sure to evaluate all the pluses and deltas of the business. Be sure to interview franchise owners of your niche market and see what they have to say. Most franchisees are more than happy to speak to a prospective colleague.

In all, running a home based franchise business is very similar to a standard franchise – the biggest difference is where your office is. And remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!


Source by JD Files