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  • Stocks fell on Wednesday.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to 831.83 points, which is the third largest event in a single day in history.
  • The previous large day drops include several days during the financial crisis and the first trading day after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Stock market Wednesday amid concerns surrounding global growth, rising interest rates and trade disputes.

Dow scored 831.83 points, the third largest one-day drop in history.

This year the largest one-day drop occurred. February 5, the Dow fell to 1,175.21 points. The previous owner of this dubious honor was September 29, 2008, when Dow fell by 777.68 points after the first version of the TARP rescue program failed in Congress.

It is worth noting that this is a drop in points, not a percentage drop. As the Dow has grown higher and higher over the past few decades, larger point losses have been converted to smaller percentage drops. On Wednesday, there was a decrease of 3.2%, which at that time was much more rapid than we had seen for some time, pales in comparison with the 22.6% decrease that Dow suffered Black monday in 1987, or a drop of 12.8% during 1929 crash stock,

Here are the 10 biggest day drops in Dow history.



(Business Insider / Andy Kiersz, Yahoo Finance data)

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