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Teaser of the upcoming Season 8 "Games of Thrones" were released HBO.

TV Network, HBO shared first glance on what to expect from the final season of the popular series, which will return to screen in 2019,

The central series, which parades intriguing characters, such as John Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Danerius Targaren, Kersey Lannister, Tirion Lannister and fire dragons over Grand Final Season 7 who left fans waiting for more.

The new season may have the least number of episodes, but it had the longest shooting schedule.


Images from Season 7 of the Game of Thrones (CelebMix)

New shots are buried among the many images of the seventh season, including a clip of Gendry waving an ax, danyirs and a tyrion, a brooding moment, and a dragon's fire, and shows John Snow hugging Suns Stark again at their Winterfell family home, while she gives someone from the shot a very shadowy look to the sides.

Despite the fact that the teaser lasted only a couple of seconds, but he managed to point out some things waiting for the series to return.

First, John Snow is about to return to Winterfell, where he reunites with Sansa, whom he left as the administrator of the North, to go in search of a white walker.

The show, however, is unlikely to return in the expected first quarter of 2019, even though the shooting is already completed with post-production shows, the show is now set in mid-year.

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