Halimah Abubakar’s new smashing body is not for any man –


If there was any confusion in her new gorgeous body, actress Halima Abubakar released her, which she recently reduced for herself, not for any person.

Most of her sharp eyes come from eating vegetables and drinking a lot of juice. It is important for her to support the diaper, so energy that fills energy, such as a battered yam, should be limited.

"A man can never make me lose weight." A woman should lose weight when necessary, especially for the sake of health. I feel that this is the business of those who beat me, because I try to be healthy for myself, not for anyone. I don't care what they say about (my) weight loss or not.

“They didn’t expect me to be fat forever, would they?” I recently started this weight loss scheme about a month ago. I reduced what I ate and was able to achieve this weight loss.

“Now I eat a lot of vegetables and take a lot of juice; all that I eat should be cherished. I loved to beat the pits, but I stopped eating it all. Now I prefer to take carrots. In addition, I was on a ketogenic diet, it worked for me, but it’s not for everyone, ” Punch News studying in a chat with an actress who also showed that she has a relationship.

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The new destructive body of Halima Abubakar for her, not for any person

Perhaps the mysterious lover of the actress may appear with a “will you marry me?” Request. It seems to be open to this.


Even wedding bells were present in her thoughts.

“There is someone in my life that I am“ looking ”, but let's see how this happens. I don't know when the wedding bells will ring.

“The man is not in the film industry, I can not meet with someone in the entertainment industry. We should not do the same, I always said that. "

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