Getting Life Success – Winning At Everything By Knowing How Reality Works

We all used methods, methods, numbered lists of "how &" and "when", and & # 39; in things that are important to us. However, we are still looking for something else and the best way to succeed in everything we want. We continue to act as we hope, will give us the desired results. When we do not get the desired results, we will try something else, another method, another technique. When it still does not work, it can be quite unpleasant, and we begin to wonder if there is any order in the chaos!

Know the rules and win

The only reason for this incomprehensible lack of success is that we do not understand how deeply our reality of action works in our lives. If we don’t know what the rules are about how everything happens in our life, how can we expect success?

There are many great self-help and self-help experts and teachers who provide concrete guidance on many topics. In addition to these, we need to turn the deer into reality for the good things and the undesirable things that happen in our life.

Action regulates results

The way things work in people's lives has been studied for thousands of years. This is called the science of karma The word “karma” simply means “to act,” and this includes our thinking, desire, as well as our planning, desire, and, of course, doing or “acting.” in the sense of creating some kind of action, activity.

Like raindrops falling on a pool of water, individual actions ripple out, interacting with other ripples – changing their movements. Some of them return to the original ripples. This is very similar to how our personal action returns to us – it has changed and, perhaps, in another unexpected direction and time. We can see it every day.

First Act of Action

Like unions of type & is the first fundamental law of action-reaction. This is not the same as the well-known law of attraction. which actually suggests that we can invent and manifest everything we want in life. Practical experience shows us that this is not quite the way everything works! A study of this can be found in Wikipedia on the resource link at the end of this article.

John lennon and doctor Emil Coue – the first law in action

In 1920, the French pharmacist and psychiatrist Dr. Emile Couet healed many people not only from physical and mental illnesses, but also gave them the principle by which they could change their lives in every way. He gave them a technique that became known as "conscious automatic suggestion." His patients repeated this mantra several times a day until some really radical good effect. To read about your method or to hear the original recording of its method in your voice, click the link to the Archeophone website at the end of this article.

John Lennon used this mantra in his song “The Beautiful Boy” (Darling Boy) – “Every day in all respects, He is getting better and better.” We find that the repetition of the qué mantle is a great way to insert some positive energies into our lives.

Get an immediate boost!

To get the best effect, we suggest that you repeat this mantra first thing in the morning several times and at other times during the day. Make it loud and preferably in front of the mirror, smiling – artificially!


“Every day in every way I get better and better” (Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux). You can change this mantra to include statements for your health, career, or work, such as: “Every day in all respects my life / my career / my relationships are becoming / getting better and better.” Dr. Coue made it very clear that the “trick” was to help the patient overcome internal barriers and negative willpower. which preceded the wellness.

Try this. You will find your life improving and new opportunities coming to you. It works on the principle of observable reality: whatever we are meditating, positive or negative, this is what grows in our life.

If you have ever advised about denial and become increasingly discouraged, the more you think about this issue – you know how it works. As soon as we change our view of things, we discover new options and doorways for action. Now you can change the balance using this and other more advanced methods to achieve success in all areas of life by visiting our website.

For more information and information on how to visit, visit our website at GetPositiveKarma. I wish you all the success!

Source by Nalin K. Nirula

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