From a $10,000 celebration at a country club to a 6-figure ceremony in Central Park, here’s what 7 real couples spent on their weddings – Finance

  • average cost wedding in the United States is $ 33,391, according to Node,
  • More than half of couples are in debt to pay their wedding – so how many pairs actually the cost of their wedding?
  • We talked with seven former brides to find out how much they spent on their wedding, and most of them are smaller than the national average.

Modern wedding have a well-known reputation for being expensive. On average, Americans spend about $ 33,391 on their weddings, according to The Knot's 2017 Study of real weddings,

But this does not mean that they can afford it. More than 74% of married couples will go into debt for wedding expenses, reports Student credit hero,

But, of course, how much you spend on your wedding depends on several factors, such as Where do you live, what season do you marry, what type of wedding do you have (big or small), and what details are important to you.

Thus, Business Insider spoke with seven former brides who shared information about the budget for the wedding. They shared their initial budget, how much their wedding really cost, as well as the breakdown of the main expenses for a wedding, from dress to food and a bar is worth a photo. Please note that the total cost of a wedding for each wedding includes other expenses other than those listed.

Did they get half of the country's average agriculture in Minnesota, or about four times the average in a dreamy Wedding in New York, there was one thing that everyone had in common: money cost memories.

Ashley and her wife spent $ 10,000 on the wedding of a country club in Andover, Massachusetts, with 110 guests.

Ashley and her wife.

Ashley and her wife.

(Robin Perot)

Initial budget: $ 12,000

Ashley, who was married at the age of 25, told Business Insider that she was very fortunate that she had talented friends and family during her wedding day, which helped keep the budget below her initial estimate.

"The bulk of our budget was focused on location and food," she said. "We loved the garden that we used for our ceremony, and the terrace attached to our reception space, which allowed us to work indoors / outdoors."

The venue, Andover Country Club, was the most economical place where she and her wife watched, she said. The meeting place provided the coordinator in the package, so they did not need to allocate funds for his payment. They also used a relative for a DJ at a discount.

"In general, we wanted a cool, fun experience that could not be removed!" She said.

Flowers and decor: $ 500

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 0 (included in the package of seats)

Location: $ 7500

Invitations and paper products: $ 300

Wedding Dress: $ 500

Food and drink: $ 1,300 (most of the catering was included in the package of the place)

The photo: $ 0 (sister in law – a photographer who offered his services for free)

Music: $ 300

Beth and Matthew Hebert at a wedding for dinner in Chicago, Illinois, with 36 guests cost 12,125 dollars.

Beth and Matthew Hebert.

Beth and Matthew Hebert.

(Lisa Kay Creative Photography)

Initial budget: $ 10,000

Beth Hebert and her husband paid for their wedding on their own, so they paid off a budget of $ 10,000 for all wedding weekends. While in Houston, they decided to conduct an extra-judicial wedding in Chicago – you think that the wedding at the destination will be difficult to take on a small budget, but they managed to go into the budget for a personal absence, pocket expenses.

They also had a little help, because someone unexpectedly took out an account of 2,300 bar as a wedding present – if that did not happen, they would have had a little budget. Their place in the Little Goat Diner was free until they met a minimum of $ 1000, and the wedding coordinator was included.

"We are such gourmets that we knew [that] even with a smaller budget, the choice of food and drinks should have been terrific – that's why we went with the brunch option, "said Beth Business Insider." This was not done in our group of friends, and Girl & the Goat – iconic for food scene in Chicago, so everyone was happy that the food. "

She also wanted live music and found an acoustic guitarist, but did not want to spend money on an expensive dress and get her makeup.

Flowers and decor: $ 450

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 0 (included in the cost of the hall)

Location: $ 0 (free, if they met at least $ 1000)

Invitations and paper products: $350

Wedding Dress: $ 800

Food and drink: $ 6,700 (including a welcome dinner and a gift loaf)

The photo: $ 1000

Music: $ 500

Anna and her husband's wedding for 195 people in rural Minnesota cost $ 15,406.

Anna and her husband exchange vows.

Anna and her husband exchange vows.

(Photographer Kylee Jade)

Initial budget: $ 15,000

Anna initially appointed a budget of $ 10,000 for her ceremony at her parent's farm in rural Minnesota and reception at the reception, but after correcting the room to $ 15,000 after she realized that it was unrealistic.

"The photo was a significant part of the budget, as this is the part of the wedding that lasts forever, and we wanted to find a photographer that suits us and our wedding," Anna Anna, who was 25 years old when she married, told Business Insider. "The food was also important, and although we were limited by the budget there and had a basic breakfast with meat and potatoes, the cheap food service provider that we found was really good."

"Being in the countryside helped to reduce part of the costs, but of course we had other ways," she said. For example, she bought her wedding dress at a wedding shop, and family members helped with coordination day, so they did not need to hire a wedding planner.

The budget was her biggest concern when planning her wedding, as she and her husband paid between 70% and 80% of this alone, and her parents covered meals, ceremonial places and a backup tent, and the groom's parents rehearsal dinner.

"It's hard to say that one day is really worth $ 15,000, but I would do it again with a similar budget, and although it was a big chunk of changes, we save enough and do not have debts, so he did not install we're going back too much, – she said.

Flowers and decor: $ 1312

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 0 (not used)

Location: $ 1400

Invitations and paper products: $ 532

Wedding Dress: $ 589

Food and drink: $ 2995

The photo: $ 1,983

DJ: $ 925

Amber Goat and her husband's summer wedding for 130 years in Dambo, Brooklyn, cost 16,000 dollars.

Amber Kozo and her husband.

Amber Kozo and her husband.

(Love is like ours)

Initial budget: $ 15,000

28-year-old Amber Kozo and her husband spent $ 13,000 on their own money at their wedding, while their parents covered $ 3,000 for the cost of a bar, dress and tuxedo, rehearsal dinner and other small items. Kozo told Business Insider that he helped them stay within their initial budget, spending only $ 15,000 as a pair.

"It was very important for us not to break this wedding," she said. "We know that the average cost of a wedding in New York costs 88,000 dollars. We made an ambitious attempt to make the entire Shebang in New York for 130 guests below $ 15,000. "

To reduce costs, Kozo made a lot of DIY, for example, made half a dessert and made all the scenery. She also used fake flowers and ordered the greens in bulk from Costco. And instead of a DJ they could not find for less than $ 3,000 in the city, she and her husband created a Spotify playlist, which included requests from guests. They also abandoned traditional food.

"I'm very cunning and helped many friends plan their wedding," she said. "I learned all the important questions to ask about increasing costs."

Kozo said that they avoided many of these traditional wedding details, because they wanted the day to reflect them as a couple.

Flowers and decor: $ 1461

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 1,430 (they did not have a scheduler, but paid for service throughout the night and to help with cleaning)

Location: $ 3000

Invitations and paper products: $ 101

Wedding Dress: $ 1 100

Food and drink: $ 4890

The photo: $ 1,995

Music: $ 0

Lauren and her husband held a 27-guest ceremony in Covington, Kentucky, and a late reception in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 85 guests who cost only $ 18,500.

Lauren and her husband.

Lauren and her husband.

(Jenn Manor)

Initial budget: $ 12,500

In an attempt to save money, Lauren Corso and her husband held a small wedding with their closest family and their grandfather and grandmother, and then a couple of months later through a party in the reception style. But in aggregate, two events cost a little less than $ 20,000, which was more than they wanted to spend.

"I think we were hoping that we could get married and celebrate this event for $ 10,000 … but it's become much more expensive," Corso said 30 years ago, adding that food and beverages are the most important part of their budget , "But they were incredible days and worth it to be with all our friends and family."

They hoped to spend only $ 5,000 for the ceremony and dinner, but eventually spent $ 7,500. For the reception, they intended to spend $ 7,500, but in the end it was about $ 11,000.

However, they received $ 10,000 from their grandmother's grandmother, who covered most of the cost of the reception. The rest of the cost of the ceremony and the wedding were covered by Corso and her husband, as well as their parents ($ 4,000 from his side and $ 2,000 from her side).

The figures below include the total amount spent on both events.

Flowers and decor: $ 1,900

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 0 (not used)

Location: $ 3,400

Invitations and paper products: $ 306

Wedding Dress: $ 600

Food and drink: $ 10599

The photo: $ 1,067 (used only for the ceremony)

Music: $ 250 (used only for reception)

The 31-year-old bride and her husband spent $ 32,000 on a winter wedding with 180 guests in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The bride and groom are not depicted.

The bride and groom are not depicted.

(Hrechenyuk Olexey / Shutterstock)

Initial budget: $ 40,000

The Wisconsin bride told Business Insider that her wedding went into the budget because she and her husband overestimated almost every cost of their wedding.

"We were really worried that you had some unexpected big expenses, as you often hear because of time or lack of planning," said the bride, who was 31 at the time of the wedding. "We were also happy to be flexible and somewhat unconventional in some aspects."

They cut corners on their flowers and decorations budget, choosing a place for a ballroom with an art deco style that did not need much to dress up and cost low, adding greenery and candles to the space. A graphic designer, the bride has developed her own invitations, and they agreed on a discount on the money of the photographer, both of which saved money.

Most of their budget went to food and a bar, including a rehearsal dinner at the hamburger, a family dinner reception, an open bar, ice cream desserts and a late night snack pizza.

Nevertheless, the most important part of their budget was the day of the coordinator they had hired.

"My husband and I are great planners, and I believe that we thought about every detail until the minute before the day," she said. "Nevertheless, on a day like a groom or a groom, we did not want to worry about anything. Trusting your planner is important so that they can go with the flow and think on their feet. A piece of mind cost every penny! "

Flowers and decor: $ 2,730

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 1200

Location: $ 1325

Invitations and paper products: $ 820

Wedding Dress: $ 1,300

Food and drink: $ 18,370

The photo: $ 1 800

Music: $ 1500

The celebration of a 30-year-old bride in New York on a forehead boat in the Central Park for about 130 guests cost 126,248 dollars.

The bride and her husband.

The bride and her husband.

(Danny Weiss Studio)

Initial budget: $ 150,000

"I had a very generous budget, but it was very easy for me to cut spending where priorities are low, "said Business Insider, a 30-year-old New York bride." The key really has an idea of ​​what you want and not just trying to have all to have it! "

"The top 10 000 dollars that I spent on the whole process were for my wedding planner," she said. "She was absolutely insane and honest, most brides say that something will not go its course in a day – but everything was perfect for me. She and her assistant cost more than what I paid. "

The next priority was food, which resulted in a menu that would appeal to any food lover. While Boathouse excelled in this category, it also included a variety of different additions, such as the Peking Duck Station, a seafood bar, a donut frying station for desserts and a Korean BBQ beer lorry for late night. They also took Dimsum suppers the next day.

"I'm Chinese, and food is a huge part of our culture," she said. "There was so much food at the cocktail hour that most people thought it was lunch."

Her third priority was her dress. "I planned to spend about $ 3,000, maybe $ 5,000, but in the end it turned out to be an indecently expensive choice, but I do not regret it."

Flowers and decor: $ 14,500

Wedding planner / coordinator: $ 10795

Location: $ 36,922

Invitations and paper products: $ 1615

Wedding Dress: $ 11,890

Food and drink: $ 10,383

The photo: $ 9,300

Music: $ 5000

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