Five Ways Audience Definition Will Help You Grow Your Business


Audience definition is a game-changer for those of us steeped in the world of building a brand, communicating a message, and trying to reach people. In order to run a successful business, it is imperative to know what it is you are trying to reach. This should go beyond the standard age, sex, location. This practice of identifying the best customer or best patient or best consumer for a business involves a good amount of research and an algorithm with a history of success. This can be an invaluable resource. Just take a look at the what the practice of audience definition can allow you to do:

1. You can focus on those individuals most likely to engage in your business.

The function of identifying the best customer matters because it specifically describes the person most likely to create a positive conversion. In other words, data collected over a certain period of time, when analyzed properly, can state with specificity who is buying your product or engaging in your services. This should go beyond the basic demographics and include geographical location, economic background, age, familial status and educational background, among other identifiers. This, in turn, allows a business owner to direct his efforts and resources toward the group most likely to engage.

2. You can funnel your resources into the right avenue.

Speaking of resources, advertising and marketing can be a costy area. However, if it is done correctly, your marketing campaign should give you big returns with increased profits. Audience definition should encompass the advertising mediums that work best for your best customer. For example, if your ideal audience spends most of their time online on social media, then you would be better off creating digital ads in those spaces than sending fliers by mail.

3. You will be able to better connect with your audience.

When you are able to understand the individuals who are more apt to create conversion, then you are able to release your message in a manner that enables your audience to connect with your values. Research shows that consumers in their late twenties to early forties are more interested in feeling a positive, charitable emotion when engaging in a business than they were twenty years ago. This is one example of a tangible value that should echo in a message to resonate with younger consumers.

4. You can identify what works.

With special software to collect, store, and analyze your data, you should be able to see trends in your marketing campaigns. With the right tools for audience definition, you should be able to see your marketing strategies successfully reaching the target demographics. If you are experiencing the revenue, then you should revisit your campaign and see where you can better reach your audience.

5. You can understand where your audience is spending time online.

Taking your message to the online specster is key to reaching just about any audience now. With audience definition, you should see which websites your audience is visiting. Pay per click ads are an excellent avenue for projecting your message. The key is to know on which sites to utilize those ads. Beefing up your different social media platforms can also be important, if your best customer is frequenting those avenues.


Source by Kaitlyn LaPenn

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