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Leading provider of financial services, The first city memorable bank (FCMB), on Thursday, May 31, 2018, a scheme was presented, FCMB Education Advisory Service,

This service will provide convenient and affordable education support for their clients or their children who wish to study abroad and receive bachelor's and postgraduate degrees.

Support includes foreign information services for admission, remittances to school fees, school living allowances and fares, loans to support school fees, a visa process, travel and exam preparation. Access to customers and other applicants is said to be available on the FCMB website with branches, which currently have operating tables.

This is part of the Bank’s contribution to the development of a new generation of brilliant minds, which will lead Nigeria to a new level.

The FCMB Education Counseling Service is in partnership with MOD Group, a leading international education and marketing company, with operations deeply embedded in Nigeria and covering the West African subregion.

On the initiative that was launched at the ceremony on May 30, 2018 in Lagos, FCMB offers a full range of basic financial services designed to meet the needs of its clients in the field of acquiring education abroad.

Among them are up to N5million tuition fees for clients from the Bank and Credit Direct, one of the subsidiaries of FCMB Group Plc (holding company), Flexx accounts (in foreign currency) for students going abroad for training, safe international transfer of funds through Internet banking platforms for paying school fees and other educational expenses abroad. There is also an issue of FCMB debit cards, including a pocket money card (preloaded), which can be used to withdraw cash from foreign ATMs and make payments in stores and supermarkets.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative, Executive Director of Retail Banking Services at FCMB, Mr. Olu Akanma, declared the Bank’s commitment to protecting and implementing initiatives that would promote education and the acquisition of knowledge from Nigerians.

According to him, “At FCMB, we go and work with our clients to realize their life aspirations for themselves, their families, and their business, including providing better education. FCMB education consulting services in partnership with MOD services and international partners also cover the school attendance process, visa processing, travel and exam Preparation. We recognize that knowing what to do and how to do it is important to ensure a good education abroad. FCMB will also provide fast school fees and money transfers to residency, loans to pay school fees and international cards to support living abroad for Nigerian students.

Mr. Akanmu also added: “We have a Lufthansa airline, in addition to other partner airlines on board, to offer students discounted fares under this scheme. This also applies to their guardians. In addition, we have AXA Mansard, which will offer medical care for students in the amount of $ 60,000 per year. ",

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The official launch of the FCMB Education Advisory Service was attended by the Permanent Secretary / General Lecturer, Lago State Department of Education, Ms. Olufunmaylao Onadipe; Managing Director of MOD Group, Mr. Michael Dosunmu; Head of Communications, British Council, Ms. Edemekong Uyoh and a representative of the High Commission of Ireland, Tessa Bagu; among the others.

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