FCMB inspires customers in a new thematic campaign - Business

FCMB inspires customers in a new thematic campaign – Business

The Bank of the First Monument City (FCMB) recently took another bold step to deepen its history of excellence and strengthen its position as one of the foremost financial institutions in Nigeria. The last milestone appeared in the form of a new thematic campaign called “& # 39;Feel confident, pursue your aspirations. ”

The campaign demonstrating the warm, friendly, affordable, inspiring and energetic identity of FCMB and its value as a simple, reliable and useful Bank, is reported in print, television and radio stores, as well as in social networks, as well as continues to make raves one of the most prominent recently in the country.

"Feel confident, pursue your desire tells compelling stories about the lives and business aspirations of various Nigerians and how FCMB supports them to make such dreams and aspirations a reality. it's the same tells the story of the very diverse customer base that FCMB offers, its commitment to creating opportunities, adding more value and enhancing the overall customer experience of its customers. It aims to further bind them to maintain their loyalty and patronage.

Indeed, the commercials on the media platforms clearly demonstrate the commitment of FCMB and its willingness to help existing and potential customers to confidently translate their dreams, aspirations, ideas and business plans into real practical, measurable and successful.

In addition, the thematic campaign sends a clear message of conviction to all groups of people in society who have any form of reliable personal or corporate business idea, intention or plan, but could not translate them into reality that FCMB are ready to make them live their dreams. Reliability is added by the fact that the Bank, among other things, conducts a team of experts in financial management, macro- and microfinance, business design, development, growth and sustainability.

Part of the campaign proposal is: “You have plans, let's make them. At FCMB, we share your aspirations. Let us help you fulfill them with our specialized range of banking products and services. You have an idea, let's grow the business. Business management should not be a burden that you carry alone. Get advisory support for SMEs today. We manage more than 300,000 registered enterprises with our range of banking solutions. Take advantage of these solutions designed to support your business. "

The more than 35-year-old financial institution that recently received the prestigious International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2015 certification for the quality management system adopted by the Nigeria standards organization makes this possible thanks to a comprehensive bucket of flexible products and services structured to meet all banking needs all walks of life.

Commenting on FCMB & # 39; & # 39 ;,Feel confident, pursue your aspirations. ” the thematic campaign, the Managing Director of the Bank, Mr. Adam Nuru, said: “It tells the story of a diverse customer base that we serve at FCMB. No matter where you are, we support you to fulfill your life and business aspirations in FCMB. Our convenient electronic banking platforms and the best-in-class customer relationship management model provide a great experience for our customers, as we support them in achieving their great dreams for themselves, their families, and their business. ”

He repeated that “Nigerians are purposeful and hardworking people. FCMB is a bank for all Nigerians, walking with them as partners in order to realize their life and business aspirations in the true spirit of their brand payback line; "FCMB – My Bank and Me."

In the same vein, the head of the FCMB corporate group, Mr. Diran Oloho, explained that “this is a tactical reaction to the periodic health checks of our banks. This is intended to regularly feel the pulse of our stakeholders in our continuous quest for their satisfaction and the sustainable achievement of excellent experience working with clients with whom FCMB has been associated for many years. ”

In the same vein, the Bank's Managing Director said that as one of the few Banks that are constantly among the top five categories in all segments, in an annual survey of KPMG clients, analysts believe that the lender is on a stronger pedestal to ensure the best in products and services.

FCMB provides one of the best alternative channels of banking services, cutting through ATMs, mobile banking, Point-of-Sale (PoS) and Internet banking. The bank is one of the first to provide on-site ATMs, including Visa and Mastercard, issuance in Nigeria.

Last year, the Bank deployed an additional 5,000 PoS machines across the country to bring them to 14,000. It also launched a new mobile application for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand the use of alternative channels among customers in the business segment.

FCMB self-service, without stress and a safe solution (* 329 # USSD-code) continued to delight the public alike. With this platform, customers perform various financial transactions using their mobile phones. These include funds transfer, account opening, microcredits and deposits, account balance, purchase of airtime and data, payment of bills, and other value-added services on the go and without any obstacles.

The bank explained that a mobile banking solution * 329 # is part of the main strategy for expanding its service channels by encouraging and deepening the policy of non-cash and financial participation of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

This development eliminates delays that occur periodically during a physical visit to a branch office or when entering into transactions. In addition, this initiative will strengthen the creditor’s commitment to environmental sustainability, aimed at reducing the amount of paper and other materials used in society, in which the printing of various bank documents constitutes a significant part of the process.

The main component of the FCMB sustainability principle is agriculture and empowering farmers to increase their productivity potential within their financial intermediary role for national development. This was reflected in the intervention of the bank, which led to better access to financial resources at the expense of worthy individuals, organizations and companies. It also led to improved processes, increased productivity and profitability.

In the space of small and medium enterprises, FCMB continues to demonstrate its specificity. He developed a number of advanced products and services that brought his business. Some of these offerings include an electronic billing platform — a unique solution designed to help companies monitor and control cash management, especially with regard to payments, receivables, reconciliation and other financial transactions over the Internet and other mobile channels. among the others ,

In addition, the Bank offers free banking operations for a period of three months for SME small and medium-sized businesses. In keeping with the Bank’s commitment to collaborating on the value content from Fintech, he collaborated with Paystack to provide an innovative online platform for merchants and other companies focused on giving them the opportunity to offer their customers unimpeded payment.

In addition, FCMB regularly organizes training and other capacity building programs for SMEs to accelerate their development with skills that will contribute to the further development of their business, as well as the provision of funding. Without a doubt, the new FCMB thematic campaign and other giant steps recorded by the Bank show that it is on its way to higher heights.

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