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Fatah Balogan, Liz DaSilva Dayo amusa at the premiere of his new film, “That which binds us” on Friday, October 5, 2018.

The premiere took place at the Silverbird cinema in Ikeja City Mall with fans and colleagues Dayo amusa in attendance.

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Also at the premiere were seen Funke Etty, Biodun Okeowo and Toyin alauza,


Fathi Balogan at the premiere (Dayo Amusa)

AmusaMom and her friend were also some of the guests who attended the movie premiere.


Dayo Amusa and his colleagues at the premiere of the film (Biodun Okeowo)

“That which binds us” captures the family story of betrayal, love, friendship, human weaknesses, individual shortcomings and sacrifices.


Dayo Amusa (Dayo Amusa)

Film shows movie stars Desmond Elliot, Uche Jombo, Mercy Agbe, Dayo Amusa, Chineyr Wilfred, Toyin alauza and more.


Biodun Okeowo and Liz DaSilva (Biodun Okeowo)

What binds us to the plot

Movie created by Dayo amusa tells the story of the widow of a woman, Toke Nvachukwu, played by Uche jombowho has to deal with the family of her husband, who invaded her home immediately after losing her husband, and also deal with two unpleasant friends in her sisters Kik ShomorinMercy aigbe) and Yudan Shomorin (Dayo Amusa).

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