Failing Healthcare: ‘LUTH is in crisis’ – SERAP

The new report of the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (EAPC) identified a "humanitarian crisis, manifestations of corruption and mismanagement in the Lagos Pedagogical Hospital" (LUT) of Idi Araba and as unhygienic conditions, the acute shortage of medicines and medical supplies in the hospital and the other two hospitals in the federal government in Lagos make it extremely difficult for many Nigerians to receive the necessary medical care. "

In addition to LUTH, the other two hospitals covered in the report are the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi (NOHIL) and the Federal Medical Center, Ebute Meta (FMC). "

The report shows "a sharp deterioration in the quality and safety of care in these hospitals. LUTH, NOHIL and FMC do not have enough machines to treat cancer. Linear accelerator (LINAC), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography do not work optimally due to unsustainable electricity, even if hospitals do not have reserve plans. "

According to the report, "LINAC costs about $ 5 million and six, which the federal government has purchased for six training hospitals, packed. The dialysis machine in LUTH is obsolete, and its functionality at the time of the study was zilch. LUTH recently lost his accreditation to teach dentistry, because all five of her dental chairs were assembled, and there is no functional dental engine. "

The 53-page report, published on Tuesday at CITI-HEIGHT Hotels, Lagos, entitled "Fsick public health: how federal hospitals allow the poor and get health care as a privilege rather than a right". and presented Professor Dejo Olowu, Dean, Law School, American University of Nigeria disclosed that "vmedicines such as oxygen, diagnostic machines, dental chairs, sterilization apparatus, burners, had a pronounced deficit. There were noticeably crowded waiting rooms and chambers".

The report was one of the highlights of SERAP's public hearings to enable people to testify and submit complaints / petitions on corruption allegations that they encounter in accessing public services, especially in the health, education and water sectors.

The study for the report was conducted between April and June 2018, using semi-structured in-depth interviews as the primary data collection tool.

The public hearings were attended by, inter alia, the representatives of the acting chairman of the Commission on Combating Corruption and Other Related Crimes (ICPC), the Commission on Economic and Financial Crimes (EFCC), the Special Adviser to President Muhammad Bukhari on corruption, civil society, lawyers, the media, the Department of Freedom of Information of the Federal Ministry of Justice, the Nigerian Union of Oil and Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the public at large.

In the report read in the section "Our researchers noted that in some wards there are no mosquito nets. And there is no waiting room for mothers with sick babies. Exist Room for gynecology, which housed a small bench, accommodating about four people. Presumably, the bench was occupied by relatives of patients. At the end of the corridor, where the newborn ward is located, there is a similar four-seated bench, fully occupied. On the bench, occupied, stood a group of people. In the department of newborns this was the same case. The waiting room for mothers whose children are at the reception was not part of the hospital plan. Mothers improvised.

"The woman was lying on the bare sidewalk under the stairs, resting. Nearby there was an area where waiting for the mother was cut out as a waiting area. A number of women, whose children were at the reception, saw sitting or lying on a rug or on the sidewalk. With padded mats, bags of clothes, plates, buckets, etc. Fit alongside the wall, and the woman was washing clothes, it was clear that many women remain in this condition for several days. "

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