Ex-IGP joins Jigawa senatorial race

Former Inspector General of Police Suleiman Abba on Monday chose an expression of interest and form of nomination for participation in the Central Senate District of Tsigawa on the platform of the All-Russian Congress (APC).

Abba, who spoke at the ABC national secretariat in Abuja, said that he had joined the race to provide quality representation and promote national development.

When asked to state his opinion about the appeal to the state police, the former IGP said that the country is not ripe for the state police, since those who are currently campaigning for it may not be sincere.

He said: "I have a feeling, and I do not hide this, that some people are looking for an opportunity to exacerbate the security problems in this country. I have nothing against the state police, as I said, recommending it far back, even when it was not a serious problem in this country. It seems that some people are looking for what they can use to exacerbate the security situation in this country. Maybe we can continue to set up, but I'm not sure if this is the right time.

"While I was at NIPSS in 2009, I was instructed to conduct discipline studies in the Nigerian police during this period, and looking at police-based research work, I understand that it was necessary to look again at the structure police. In this study, which is for someone to appeal to him, I recommended the local government police. So, you can see that I have nothing against the state police. I had the opportunity to serve in all geopolitical zones of the country and have good knowledge of the country.

"From the fact that we see that the state government passes through the payment of salaries and pensions, and also cares about the quality education of our children. Given the fact that policing is a very expensive business; you need to finance the cost of a helmet for the police, a soundless protective casing. These are very expensive gadgets. The gadget for monitoring is very expensive, and if states can not pay their salaries and take care of other socio-economic aspects of people, why they are eagerly waiting for this responsibility. "

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