Email Marketing – Use it to Succeed in Your Business!


Most businesses are finding that although they can attract customers to their store; they are unable to close the deal and exchange their service for the all mighty dollar. This is a problem that almost everyone runs into at some point or another in their professional career. The key is to not only get clients to opt in, and it doesn’t matter whether it is from an email or an opt in list. If you can close deals, then you have a special talent and companies all over are going to fawn themselves after and compete for your services. Anybody wanting to close deals need to follow the cardinal rules of closing.

The first one is to use the leads to make direct contact with potential consumers. These are called MLM leads. This allows companies to market their products or services to prospective clients by developing relationships, both through referrals and direct selling. The other way to make money by leads is to cultivate them and sell them off to companies. Different companies are looking for different kinds of leads and different kinds of clients. Some companies want list marketing while others want email lists. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these, but the bottom line is you need to find the information companies want.

Some companies are interested in people’s personal information like their FICO score or what kind of mortgage they are in. Other companies just want people’s address, phone numbers, and email and they will do the heavy lifting. The more information you can acquire from individuals the more your leads are worth to companies.

One of the major problems that businesses are finding is that although they are getting a lot of people to their website they are unable to capture them. That means they cannot get people to buy what they are selling. Consumers are window shopping and that is not putting money into businesses wallets. It is important to get potential clients to opt in. It doesn’t matter if the opt in email or from an opt in list.

It is important to develop a pitch because this is how you are going close deals. Almost everyone will hear you out, if you have a great opening. Tell them you are about to make their life better, but it takes a special kind of pitch for people to open their wallets or write a check out to you. Direct contact is sometimes called MLM marketing and it is a way to make a great first impression involving leads. The other way to make money through lead generation is to sell leads. This means you will generate and cultivate leads and gather people’s information in order to sell that information to businesses.

From the very beginning you want to create relationships because this is going to make your job much easier. Everyone likes easy money, right? This way, once you sell your product they will keep coming back for more because you have established yourself as someone with high quality service and someone they can trust.


Source by Michael Gooden