Electricity production in Nigeria reduced to 2,684 MW

Electricity production in Nigeria on Monday fell to 2,684 megawatts, as there was a decline in production from hydroelectric power stations and some gas stations, including Egbin in Lagos.

According to the Department of Energy, words and housing, the total generating capacity of 4,463.3 MW was unavailable from 6 am on Monday compared to 3,631.4 MW on Friday.

Restrictions on gas and frequency management, caused by the demand for electricity, left 2,365.5 MW and 2,087 MW, respectively.

The total amount of electricity generated, which on Sunday was 3,462 MW from 6 am, fell to 2684.20 MW on Monday.

The nation generates most of its electricity from gas-fired power plants, while hydroelectric power generation accounts for about 30 percent of total production.

Generation from Kaiji, Jebba and Shirou hydroelectric power plants has decreased to 203 MW, 133 MW and 162 MW, respectively, from 6am on Monday from 275 MW, 317 MW, 376 MW on Friday, August 10.

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