Drake says ending beef with Meek Mill gave him peace of mind –


Drake says that he now has "peace of mind" after crushing his widely advertised beef with another rapper, Meek Mill,

The Canadian rapper took his Instagram to announce that he is now at peace with Meek Mill in the picture with both rappers, shaking hands.

Drake says that the final beef with Meek Mill pleases

Drake further said that the movement, which he called healing and moving forward, created one of the most electric and enjoyable moments of his career.

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"… Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and enjoyable moments of my career …" He wrote.

Continuing, the rapper said that he is happy that Mick has returned home, and they can find ways to their goal.

"... I'm glad that you are at home, and that we could return to our common goal …" He wrote.

Meek Mill fires beef with Drake

In January 2016, Meek Mill resumed his beef with the help of Drake, releasing an unexpected EP in which he heard a few shots Nicky Minairumored to be a former lover.

That's not all, he is also eager for Nick's "good p *** y," perhaps in trying to get Drake jealous.

It looks like Meek is finally responding to this Drake track, "Back to Back" months after their a very public feud seemed to dry up. On his track, Drake ridiculed Meek for allegedly riding a girl, on the knees of Nicky the success of a.k.a.

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