Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed at Your Business? Learn How to Create Blog!


If you're tired of worrying over how to find online business leads for your business, then here's what you need to do in order to stop wasting your hard earned money on leads sales – learn how to create a blog! A blog can generate hordes of targeted traffic to your website. Do you know what that means? Free leads and visitors for your business! In this short article you'll learn how to create a blog from scratch. You're going to learn why and how blogging is so important for your online business.

Surveys have shown that most online businesses suffocate because of the inability to attract targeted online business leads and / or visitors to their website, and you know that if you do not have traffic you can not make the numbers work for you. Making a sale online (or having a lead join your business) is not a mystery that most people think it to be. Success online boils down to having a constant large stream flow of traffic (targeted) to your website. The number one promotional tool you can utilize to attract hordes of targeted free traffic to your website is a blog. So it goes without saying if you do not know how to create a blog it's high time you do so! It's easy and fast as long as you know where to look!

Let's face it, most online business owners stress over how to find leads and end up wasting their hard earned money on leads sales. This only causes more frustration and a feeling of failure on the internet marketers' part because normally purchased leads are not as responsive as expected. Research has also shown that Pay Per Click generated leads are less likely to convert than online business leads that would have otherwise been generated via a blog (or article). If you had this problem it should end here, as long as you follow my advice below on how to create a blog.

I'm so sorry if I've been rude to you – maybe you are not familiar with this lingo. What is a blog? I have the best resources for you to learn what a blog is. The best place to start is by Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick. These guys show you a step-by-step 10 series online video guide teaching and showing you how to create blog. The topics covered include:

Video 1 – Why You Should Use WordPress,
Video 2 – How To Get Your Own Domain Name,
Video 3 – How To Get A Web Host,
Video 4 – How To Install WordPress,
Video 5 – How To Upload Files To Your Webhost Using FTP,
Video 6 – Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your New Blog,
Video 7 – How To Install And Use WordPress Plugins,
Video 8 – How To Create Your First Blog Post And Blog Page,
Video 9 – What RSS Is And Why You Need It,
Video 10 – How To Use Feedburner For Supercharging Your RSS Capabilities.

Another wonderful resource is by Ray La Foy, here you get a free TTG software system that guides you through how to create a blog. A simple Step-by-Step solution to building your own optimized WordPress blog that both search engines and actual visitors will love. With such a blog your website will start attracting the visitors that want to see what you have to offer. You also get a Step-by-Step Website Marketing System that exposes your WordPress Blog to your targeted audience. Both these resources are free, do you see how easy it is to learn how to create a blog?

Hopefully what I have shared with you above will shed some light on how to create a blog to avoid wasting money on PPC and leads sales. I have a lot more resources to share with you that can make your blogging a smooth and less bumpy ride; unfortunately there is not enough time and space here. Please follow the link listed in my resource box below for more helpful blogging resources.


Source by Tirelo Besele

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