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DJ Cuppy is one of the few female jockeys on the Nigerian stage and the daughter of an oil and gas tycoon, Femi Otedola says that the music industry is still upset with sexism.

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, who, under a stage name, DJ Cuppy recently released her new single, Currency with artist L.A.X participation, as she continues to open up a new side to her talents behind the turns.

Kuppy is one name that paves the way for her in a male dominated industry and in a recent visit to Pulse, the DJ talks about his recent music, sexism in Nigeria, and about the joint work of his dream.

About what inspired the currency

"I came to Nigeria because I recorded the song and I wanted to release it, but the plan changed, because the artist I worked with decided not to write a song anymore.

So I had to jump into the studio and record new music. So I got into the studio, just vibrated, and we basically came up with "Currency", and L.A.X came up and broke it in an hour, and we shot the video in a week.

L.A.X is someone with whom I have long wanted to work, I wanted someone to facilitate me and based his experience in this industry.

I do not think that I have the best voice in the world, but I'm having fun, and I think that I have good music, she talks about her singing.


DJ Cuppy (Pulse)

Leaving Nigeria to unlock its potential

In a recent interview with CNN, DJ Cuppy says that she had to leave Nigeria to exercise her power, and she explains her statement;

"I meant when I first started DJing at 16, nine years ago, it was not what it is now, we did not have social networks, she says.

"Women were not really encouraged to do things like a DJ, to be in nightclubs, to be in the music industry.

So what I had in mind is that I lived in London, I lived in New York, allowed me to basically appreciate myself as a woman, because I have to say that I like being Nigerian, but unfortunately , there is still a lot of sexism, where women are considered as a second class for men.

In every area, in the workplace, women are paid less than men, in any situation we are simply told that we are not so good, so travel and see how I appreciate the skills and skill in DJs that are terrific.

But Nigeria is changing, and now people are not shocked. I'm more of a DJ … I'm now being told that I inspire other young girls, and it's awesome, – she continues.

Processing negative comments on social networks


DJ Cuppy says that she does not pay attention to comments in social networks (Pulse)

Kuppi is someone who was on the verge of various nasty comments on social networks. Recently she became the subject of conversation following her views on feminism and Kuppi says that it does not bother her.

"I'm very good at criticizing, I've been doing this all my life, I come from a fairly public family and from a very young age, before I was even a DJ of Kuppy, many people always looked at what I was doing, watched closely for me, so I'm well trained to basically keep myself safe, so I do not care what people think.

I feel that many people who criticize people literally have nothing for them, because if you did, you would not have time, it does not mean that I do not listen to what people say …

I feel that it's really important not to be distracted by background noise, stay focused, she says.

DJ Cuppy mentions an American rapper, Nicky Minai as with one person with whom she would like to cooperate, "This is Nicky Minai, I'm Barbie.

She inspires me, she is such a rebel, I see a little of herself in her, I always push the envelope, risking, I love her and will work on her,, – she concludes.

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