Dare to Succeed – How to Survive and Thrive in the Game of Life by Mark Burnett


I took “Dare to Succeed: how to survive and succeed in the game of life” by Mark Burnett, because I enjoyed some of his television shows. I am especially an Apprentice fan who likes both Donald Trump and everything related to business.

I found this book for a quick pleasant reading. I learned something about Bernett, whom I did not know, and I was interested to learn about his background and how he came to the United States, and then he came up with ideas for his television shows and saw these ideas.

It is easy to say that Mark Burnett is a television genius. His shows became extremely popular, and the result was a catapult of Burnett into wealth and fame. As one of the hottest TV producers, it seems that what concerns Burnett turns into gold. Well, not always, while I liked the Challenger, this doesn’t seem to be as good as some of its others. However, Burnett made a mark on television and most likely will continue to do so for quite some time. It's a long way from selling t-shirts on a beach in Southern California. It was interesting to know that Burnett was a nanny, and then he sold shirts on the beach. His testimony may not have been a huge success, which Burnett took possession of without a burning definition to make his inspiration a reality. (pun)

As a former skydiver myself, maybe I just like to see how former members of the service succeed. Perhaps this is because I liked watching “The Pupil” and “Survivor”. Maybe I just like success stories. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed this book, and I think that anyone who loves Burnett’s television shows, too. This is a good story about how someone with great determination can make their vision a reality. This is a simple reading, and it will not only tell you the story of the life of Burnett, but may also lead you to pursue your dreams even more difficult. If so, this is definitely worth reading.


Source by Alain Burrese

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