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Daniel Adaminokan"The new film," & # 39;Between, Was scheduled for premiere in 2018 at the GlennFest Film Festival in California.

Written and directed by Ademinokan,BetweenThe premiere will take place on October 7, 2018 at the Film Festival.

GlennFest Film Festival Holding in Downey, California, is a 7-day film festival that will Between as his final film, Ademinokan revealed Pulse.

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Ademinokan further revealed that the film, which stars Stella Damasus, Travis Grenier, Lynn Jenson, Erin E. Feist and Tatiana Zappardino will be processed Entertainment Adler & Associates, a sales agent in Los Angeles.

New poster for the film

A new poster for the film "Between" starring Stella Damasus and Travis Grenier


Ademinokan and Damasus are also credited as producers and executive producers in the film under their production company Index Two Studios, LLC.

Between & # 39;

Between& # 39; is installed in Atlanta, Georgia, where Damasus plays the character of Chelsea Hollis, a very successful 36-year-old woman who was married and divorced four times! She lives a double life as an employee of the day and an evening girl.


"Between" director Daniel Ademinokan

She helps people to improve their relationship, but she completely gave up love. A strong feminist who believes that women should control their destinies and be 100% controlled by their emotions and choosing who to sleep with and when to do it.

She meets Scott Hamilton and one night blossoms in a romantic relationship until she learns that a person who is going to change his point of view about love can be much more than he expected.

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