Court in rowdy session over paternity of 10mths old twins

Court in rowdy session over paternity of 10mths old twins

The traditional Iseyin class "C" court on Wednesday held a noisy session over the legal owner of the 10-month-old twins of the 30-year trader Kehinde.

Adegoke Elijah went to court looking for the ownership of the twins who were with his alienated wife, two years after she left her marriage home.

"She sometimes gathered in 2016 at the house of another person around the Encula district, I can not find out whether she was pregnant when she left or not, but the fact that she still sees me secretly means that my twins are.

"My lord, I paid my dowry on Kehinda, and our marriage was not terminated at any time, she just left in search of a greener pasture, so my twins, and she knows."

Responding, Kehinde, who was prevented by a physical assault by security personnel on Adek, claimed that he was "irresponsible", saying that she had left after several attempts to replace him.

"I do not know what he's talking about, we have one child together, and I did not go with him when I left. As far as I know, this is the only child between us, "she said.

In his ruling, the President of the Court, Chief Adelaloon Rahim, ordered Kehinde to stand trial at the next postponement with her new husband.

Then the president postponed the consideration of the case until September 20.

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