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A Batch C 2018 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member, Dr Oyetunji Niyi-Isaiah, has renovated a Primary Health Care facility in part of Bida town in Niger State.

The corps member, who is doing his primary assignment with the Federal Medical Centre,  Bida, also donated medical consumables and furniture to the Efulu-Basal Primary Health Care facility.

Speaking during the inauguration of the facility on Sunday, Dr. Niyi-Isaiah said the renovation was part of his community development project.

“The idea was borne out of the passion I have towards revitalisation of primary health care which is an integral part of nation’s healthcare system,” he explained.

He said the project will avail about 10,000 residents in Dzukogi Abu-tsado area of Bida, the opportunity to access healthcare services and reduce pressure on secondary and tertiary centres which costs are often beyond the reach of the poor.

“These will directly reduce the overwhelming burden on the tertiary health care centres and also support the federal government agenda on revitalization of primary healthcare centre in each of the political wards in Nigeria.

“Today, l can boldly say that l, as a youth corps member, have contributed my own quota towards achieving this goal. Even if my name fades from this building, the people of Bida community won’t forget the impact of NYSC on them,” he said.

According to him, apart from the affected facility, he had also been able to carryout other services by mobilising resources and volunteers.

Such services, he explained, include the de-worming of 2,000 school children across Bida local government area, initiation of free skills acquisition programmes and entrepreneur seminars for secondary school students and the construction of incinerator box for medical waste disposal in Bida community.

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