Christian Success Book Review – Mental Toughness For Success


Posted by: Dr. I.V. Hillyard

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Legacy of success due to mental strength

Dr. Ira Van Hilliard began her career at the age of 10. He was known as the "Prophet Teacher of Miracles." He heads the Center for the Christian Center of the New World with over 28,000 members, started his own television network, credit union, residential complex, biblical institute, several successful organizations and is a successful author.

Anyone can be successful.

In 22 chapters, Dr. Hilliard makes it clear that anyone can succeed by applying the principles of God. He discusses such things as: “How to set your course for a better life” (Chapter 2), the power of perception — the subconscious (Chapter 6), conditioning the mind for success (Chapter 10), mental strength for solving problems (Chapter 18), and much another.

Principles leading to success

Dr. I.V. Hilliard has a powerful teaching gift; ability to connect through illustrations and share information. His brief, deep comments are filled with truth, since "We are limited only to what we say to ourselves that we can or cannot."

One of the main teaching tools of Dr. Hilliard is the discovery of his personal life. He speaks of true success, saying: "I also found that those who were really successful had a desire to help or even show others how to succeed."

Dr. I.V. Hilliard conveys powerful glasses with plaintive remarks that make readers understand the truth. Discussing the point of personal accountability, he says: “Life always depends on choice and never desires desire or desire. Your future is directly related to the quality of the choices you make. ” He wants to provoke readers to success.

As Dr. Hilliard shares personal illustrations of success in his life, readers will receive inside information that will add to their success. He shares: “I sat quietly and saw on the screen of my imagination that my church was filled with abilities, people standing in line to get into the next service. I would have foreseen, when Christ was called, that the altar should be filled with people performing their lives in Christ. ” He is now the pastor of 30,000 people.

To reinforce his claims, Dr. Hilliard addresses Bible readers with truths. He illustrates the power of imagination, quoting Genesis 11: 6, "… and now nothing will hold back from them, which they imagined to do." This should be useful.

You will succeed

Dr. I.V. Hilliard expresses proven biblical principles for a successful life to succeed!

Step success. Imagine your best life, do it often. Use the Bible to confirm your dreams. Speak your dreams!


Source by Dr. Steven J. Lynne

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