Chiwetalu Agu has played over 950 roles in 37 years of acting – Movies


Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu has performed in at least 950 films that have played different roles since 1981.

actor, in an interview with Vanguard told how he got a role in the television adaptation of Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" and the longest running soap NTA "Ripples".

"It will be very difficult to count or name all my films on the finger area, because there are a lot of them. But since 1981 I have counted 950 films. I believe that this is the material of the Guinness Book of Records. I doubt that any actor in Africa, and also all over the world, has this record,said Aga.

For some of his many roles, Agu explained a series of events that led to some of the major projects in which he played a major role, admitting that he lost his chances of playing in Kenneth Nneb's historic home video "Life in Bondage."

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Aniikwu game in Things Fall Apart

"I started professional acting and formed a theatrical troupe called INSPIRERS Theater Group in 1983 with a lot of performances around Nigeria. This group was looked for when the performance was confusing both in Enugu and around Nigeria. I became an invited actor, writer and co-producer and co-director in the Nigerian television organ Enugu and the former television channel Anambra 50 Enugu, which was then created by Governor Jim Noboda until 1986, when I was called to play the role of ANIIKWU in THINGS FALL APART, the famous network drama NTA. The character was one of the paternity of the character of OKONKWO, the lead characterR," American geophysical union said.


Chiwetalu Agu (Vanguard newspaper)

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Playing at the head of Abunna in "Ripples"

Agu said:It was my soap opera "Advocate", which took me to the headquarters of Lagos NTA for joint production. It was during this period that I became co-opted to be part of the ripple of Zebu Egiro. It was the longest concrete soap on the NTA, and I doubt that this record was beaten".

It is not known to many, Chiwetalu Agu He received a bachelor's degree in dramatic art from the Munich College, the former West Germany from 1977 to 1981.

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